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UKC Congratulates NBOB GrCHF GRCH Topperlyn Gallant Bodacious
Posted on 03/04/2011 in Notes From The Field.

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Grand Champion of the Field

NBOB GrCHF GRCH Topperlyn Gallant Bodacious

By Peter Wax

It was on a tired, cold and wet trial grounds near Chico Hot Springs in 2006 when senior judge Butch Nelson prophesied that the eight month old pup he had just awarded first place in the GUN division would become a Champion of the Field. On September 6th 2010 near Wilsal Montana the prophesy became a reality when Topperlyn Gallant Bodacious became only the second Epagneul Breton to earn the prestigious title “Grand Champion of the Field” in the UKC pointing dog program.

Topperlyn Gallant Bodacious was bred by Lynda Kieres, is owned by Anne Johnson, trained and handled by Glen Gunderson and goes simply by the name of Leo. Conformationally nearly perfect, Leo is a compact muscular square of a dog that is equally at home in the field, wetland or living room. His personality is affectionate and quiet, remarkably calm, and yet poised with an amazing amount of energy and power when turned lose in the field. As the then President of the CEB-France Christian Gunther happily exclaimed when he saw Leo on the break-a-way “Ah, this dog runs with a classic Breton gallop”.

Keeping with the ideal of the versatile breeds Leo’s owner entered him into many venues of both show and field. In fact it is quite possible that Leo is the most tested, evaluated, and titled Epagneul Breton in the United States. As of January 2011 Leo has placed, passed or earn a title in combined field and ring events 44 times. Some of the most notable accomplishments are: Thrice earning a UKC Trialer, thrice being titled National Best of Breed, and earning the UKC titles of Grand Champion of the Show and Grand Champion of the field.

As proof that Leo is not just a flash in the UKC pan, he has shown intelligence, ability and pose under fire in both the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association and American Kennel buy earning a Natural Ability Prize II and a Senior Hunter designation. In all if you were to list his entire name it would read something like: “3xNBOB TR2 GrCHF GRCH Topperlyn Gallant Bodacious TAN SH”.

Such a pretentious name for this ordinary family dog, who would rather share a bite of your hotdog than the lime light, but when Leo runs there is nothing ordinary about him. When Leo runs he does not trail a banner of titles, instead he telegraphs a story in the grass that he reads with his wonderful nose and embellishes with pros composed by his talented feet.

A universal wish exists among dog fanciers that we will all one day have “Our Dog”, that “Special Dog”. In 2006 that wish was granted to Anne Johnson and Glen Gunderson. They had a sense from the very beginning that this was no average dog and he continues to rise to the top of every task asked of him. While Leo has granted Anne and Glen their special wish, it is quite possible that Leo’s greatest gift is still yet to be realized when he gives future generations of hunters and trialers their “universal wish” through his legacy of offspring.