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UKC Announces Staffing Change Relative To Coonhound Field Operations
Posted on 06/11/2014 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Announces Staffing Change Relative To Coonhound Field Operations
Kalamazoo, Michigan Paul Frederick announced recently that he will be leaving his position at United Kennel Club to return to his home State of Illinois to pursue other interests. We certainly want to thank Paul for all that he has done for UKC during the time that he was here. We wish Paul and his family the best of luck in future endeavors and look forward to working with him on club and event related projects.

We are happy to announce the position has been filled and we welcome Corey Gruver to the UKC where he will serve as an associate in the Hunting Programs Department! Corey is a young man from Greenville, Pennsylvania, that owns and hunts Redbone Coonhounds. Corey’s love of hounds and coonhunting was passed down to him from his grandfather. He grew up at the UKC coonhound events hunting in many of the UKC Youth Events and even being named a Coonhound Bloodlines Horizon Winner for the National Redbone Coonhound Association. He currently serves as President of the Mercer County Coonhunters Association in Greenville, Pennsylvania. He also serves as a director for the Redbone Coonhound Association.

Corey brings with him a fresh, young perspective and an eagerness to work towards bettering the sport. He will begin employment at UKC on Monday, June 16th.

We thank Paul for his service and wish Corey the best of luck in the future!

Corey Gruver shown here with CH GRNITECH 'PR' Locked And Loaded Jake HTX DNA-P

He co-owns Jake with Zack Krasa.