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UKC Announces 2014 Autumn Oaks Bench Show Judges
Posted on 06/25/2014 in Coonhounds.

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Kalamazoo, Michigan - The United Kennel Club is pleased to announce the panel of judges, listed below, to judge the Special Classes and Bench Show at the 2014 Autumn Oaks. The event kicks off on Thursday at 1:00 pm with the non-licensed special classes held in the Raper Center at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond, Indiana.

Follow this link for complete information on Autumn Oaks:

Katina Childers - West Alexandria, Ohio

Katina has had dogs her entire life. Her husband Rob, who has been an avid coonhunter for 40 years, introduced her to coonhounds in the late 1990s. Katina fell in love with the Redbone breed, and this sparked the creation of Tree Rizin’ Redbones. Although Katina has shown most of the coonhound breeds at one time or another (and currently owns Redbones, Blueticks, and Treeing Walkers), the dual purpose Redbone has always been their primary focus.

Katina has had much success over her show career at the state and national level and in the conformation ring. Her most recent big win came this year at the Winter Classic where she won Best Female of Show. Katina strives to show performance hounds that are bred with the structure and ability to excel in multiple venues.

Professionally, Katina is a middle school English teacher and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Katina considers herself a lifelong learner and has spent a great deal of time studying canine structure through mentors, videos, seminars, books, and attending events. She feels honored to have been asked to judge the 2014 Autumn Oaks and looks forward to evaluating the outstanding hounds that attend this event.

Previous judging assignments include AKC World Championship, PKC Spring Show, English Days, and numerous state and local level events.

Sheldon Swenson - Houston, Minnesota

A lifetime farmer and coonhound fancier, Sheldon Swenson and his wife Cherie have two married sons, Josh and Aaron, and four grandchildren.

Sheldon has been involved with coonhounds for forty years. He developed the South Fork River Treeing Walker Kennel and has hunted, shown and promoted his Treeing Walkers nationwide for over 25 years.

Sheldon has also been judging coonhounds for a good number of years. Some of his past assignments included the Grand American, the ACHA World Show, the PKC World Show twice, and numerous State Championships.

“The sport has been so good to me over the years. These coonhounds have allowed me the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful folks in the sport” says Swenson. He looks forward to the opportunity to evaluate those coonhounds gracing his ring at Autumn Oaks.

Amanda Alexander – Homer City, Pennsylvania

The owner and operator of Man’s Best Friend, a dog grooming business and boarding kennel, for over 16 years now, Amanda Alexander was raised around coonhounds. Her father fed her addiction for coonhounds by taking her hunting with his Treeing Walkers. It wasn’t long before Amanda had her own assorted kennel of coonhounds that included Black & Tans, Blueticks, English, Plotts, Redbones and Treeing Walkers. Amanda competed regularly in nite hunts, water races and field trials, but she eventually found her true passion was the bench shows. However, she still continues to hunt many of the same dogs she breeds and shows, albeit mostly for pleasure and to give the dogs the opportunity to prove their instincts and natural scenting abilities.

Today, her resume speaks for itself. She was the owner and handler of one of the winningest Bluetick females in history. GRCH ‘PR’ May’s Blue Sugar Babe won a plethora of major shows including the UKC’s Inaugural Outstanding Coonhound of the Year Award, a year-long series presented by Purina. She followed it up with another overall win the following year. Amanda is the owner of the current top winning English, Plott and Treeing Walker coonhounds in AKC competitions. She is also the owner/breeder/handler of numerous breed winners at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the AKC Nationals.

Past national level judging assignments include Bluetick Days, English Days, Plott Days, National Redbone Days and Southeastern Treeing Walker Days and numerous State Championships. She has also judged the AKC’s World Coonhound Show, the UKC Beagle World Championship and the UKC Youth Nationals.

Given her experience and knowledge with coonhounds, and a sound understanding of their structure and anatomy makes her a credible choice to be on our panel of judges for the nation’s largest entry of coonhounds at Autumn Oaks.

Thursday Special Classes

Ring 1 - Red - Sheldon Swenson
Stud Dog Classes
Brood Bitch Classes
Bred By Exhibitor

Ring 2 - Blue - Katina Childers
Dual Champions

Friday Registered Classes

Ring 1 - Red - Sheldon Swenson
American Black & Tan
American Leopard Hound

Best Female of Show

Ring 2 - Blue - Amanda Alexander
Plott Hound
Treeing Walker

Best Male of Show

Saturday Champion and Grand Champion Classes

Ring 1 - Red - Katina Childers
CH American Black & Tan
CH American Leopard Hound
CH Bluetick
CH English

Champion of Champions Male

GRCH Plott Hound
GRCH Redbone
GRCH Treeing Walker

Opposite Sex National Grand Show Champion

Ring 2 - Blue - Amanda Alexander
CH Plott Hound
CH Redbone
CH Treeing Walker

Champion of Champions Female

GRCH American Black & Tan
GRCH American Leopard Hound
GRCH Bluetick
GRCH English

National Grand Show Champion