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UKC All-Star Series Standings
Posted on 05/13/2014 in Beagles.

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Firewater Razor and Shenango Heavy Duty are the first hounds to enter the 100 club in the 2014 All-Star Series. The National Junior Chase Champion, Razor is looking to make his mark in the All-Age division of the 2014 All-Star Series. Leading the herd is one thing. Maintaining it may be another when considering the number of capable contenders on his heels. Like the East, the other four regions are also once again shaping up for another competitive and exciting year. Beagle fanciers wanting to know the who's who in the world of UKC Field Trials will no doubt find that source in the monthly standings of the All-Star series.

Heavy comes from a litter of eight whelped in the dog box on the back of the breeders truck at the 2013 ELIMINATOR. One year later half of the litter is already showing up in the Junior Division standings of the All-Star Series.
1) Heavy Duty leads the juniors in the Midwest with 2) Stormy Girl currently in fifth. Dude Bennington of Pennsylvania has 3) Django on top of the leader board in the East with 4) Lilly currently occupying the third spot. This litter and a plethora of other young hounds are well on their way to make up the next generation of newcomers on the scene.

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