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UHWVA Inaugural Event
Posted on 05/12/2008 in Notes From The Field.

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The UHWVA (United Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla Association) held it's firsrt TAN field test on Saturday, May 3, 2008. The test was held in Chelsea, Mich. at Colonial Farms Preserves. Judge Bob Olson of Indiana judged the event. A total of 15 dogs were entered, with 3 being scratched for being in heat, and illness. A total of 12 dogs were judged.
Entries were 9 Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizslas (1 absent), 1 Brittany, 1 Weimaraner, 2 German Shorthair Pointers, 1 German Wirehaired Pointer (absent) and 1 Vizsla (absent). Entries were from as far away as Kentucky and Virginia. Of the 12 dogs that ran, all but one dog passed.

The weather which originally looked like we may have had storms moving in, ended up gracing us with no rain at all, and being overcast and the temperature cool, it was prefect for the dogs for the entire test.

We followed judging with a great lunch, and all stayed around for a few hours for chatting about the dogs and the sport we all love.

One of our club members took photos all day of each dog running and individual photos of all dog/handler teams at the end. All in all, a very successful and fun day for everyone!

Carolyn DeFiore
UHWVA TAN event Secretary