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Treeing Walker Youth Extravaganza!
Posted on 06/15/2012 in Coonhounds.

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The Treeing Walker Breeder's & Fanciers annual youth extravaganza was held on June 9th at the Wyatt Conservation Club in Wyatt, Indiana. The prize package for this event is truly - extravagant! They had a good little crowd of youngsters and their parents on hand for the festivities. Congratulations to all the kids who won or simply participated. No one went home empty handed.
Thanks to Amanda Carmack for providing the following results.

2012 TWB&FA Youth Extravaganza

Nite Hunt Results:

1st Place / Scholarship Winner:

NITECH GRCH Quick Ticket
Score: 375+
Handler: Becky Clark
Age: 17
Owner: Warren Craven or Becky Clark

2nd Place:

Milos Little Sting
Score: 325+
Handler: Joe Nissley
Age: 14
Owner: Dave Nissley

3rd Place:

NITECH Carolina Cash Jr.
Score: 300+
Handler: Jared Dalton
Age: 14
Owner: Jared or Ralph Dalton

4th Place:

NITECH H & J’s Magic Man
Score: 275+
Handler: Brandon Kidd
Age: 10
Owner: Henry Kidd

5th Place:

CH Baylee’s Bawlin Black Jack
Score: 200+
Handler: Baylee McIntire
Age: 12
Owner: Baylee McIntire

6th Place:

High Point Nell
Score: 175+
Handler: Steven Miller
Age: 12
Owner: Dean Miller

7th Place:

NITECH Lee & Robins Midnight Josie
Score: 175+
Handler: Ryley Lewis
Age: 16
Owner: Ty Lewis or Brandee Lewis

8th Place:

NITECH Millers Coalwood Miley Cyrus
Score: 150+
Handler: Marlin Miller
Age: 16
Owner: Wilbur Miller

9th Place:

Gripshover’s River Gator
Score: 100+
Handler: Austin Gripshover
Age: 17
Owner: Chris Gripshover

10th Place:

NITECH Workman’s Hardcore Casper
Score: 25+
Handler: Ethan Workman
Age: 15
Owner: Darrel Workman

Bench Show Results:

Grand Champion Male:

GRCH James Knollwood Gunner
Handler: Hayden James
Owner: Glen James

Grand Champion Female:

GRCH Kentucky Mtn. Mamma Mia
Handler: Lauren Lester
Owner: Lauren Lester

Champion Male / King of Show:

CH Lester’s Aint Joking Around
Handler: Lauren Lester
Owner: Lauren Lester

Champion Female/ Queen of Show / Scholarship Winner:

CH ‘PR’ Shawnee’s Big Bold & Beautiful
Handler: Kady Carmack
Owner: Amanda Carmack

Best Male of Show:

‘PR’ Heart Throbs Holy Terror
Handler: Katy Pratt
Owner: Sandra Pratt

Best Female of Show

NITECH Schaefer’sSue
Handler: Elijah Workman
Owner: Dan Schaefer

Other Awards:

Youngest Hunter:

Mason Jones – Age: 6 years

Farthest Traveled:

Becky Clark (Wisconsin) – Distance: 490 Miles

Scholarship Winner Benchshow:

Kady Carmack

Scholarship Winner Nite Hunt:

Becky Clark