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Thursday Nite Hunt Results at American Redbone Days
Posted on 06/03/2011 in Coonhounds.

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48th Annual American Redbone Days

Sponsored by the American Redbone Coonhound Association
Hosted by Northeast Indiana Coonhunters Association
June 2-4, 2011
Lagrange, Indiana

UKC Licensed All Redbone Nite Hunt
MOH: Richard D. Sickman
Total Entered: 80

Grand Nite Champion: GR NITE CH Morans Midnight Hot Spot, owned by Art Harvey Jr., left, or Scott Perkey Sr. of Newton, Pennsylvania, handled by Art, 225+. Also shown is Art Harvey, Sr.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH Daughertys Redd Bubba, owned and handled by Dean Daugherty, right, of Marshall, Indiana, 700+. Also shown are Carter and Angie Daugherty.

2nd/High Scoring Red Female: NITE CH Krasas Hairtrigger Hope, owned and handled by Brock Krasa of Fulton, Michigan, 600+. Shown are Ed, Justin and Brock Krasa and Travis Bahrt.


1st: CH Nuttlug River Roaring Red Rock, owned and handled by Mike Egelnoff, right, of Plasa, Illinois, 450+. Also shown is Bill Feldmann.

2nd: Adams Red Magic Smoke, owned and handled by Gerald R. Adams,right, or Forest, Ohio, 400+. Also shown is Gary Adams.

3rd: 'PR' Jordan’s Blood Shedin Music Bell, owned and handled by Kenny R. Jordan, right, of Versailles, Indiana, 325+. Also shown is Chris Howson.

4th: L’s Tom Tom, owned and handled by Richard Lambert, center, of Birchwood, Indiana, 325+. Also shown are Buck Ratliff and Wendell Bond.

5th: Elmes Northern Sonny, owned and handled by Rock Elmes, left,, 250+. Also shown is Howard Duncan.

6th: Lewis Red Dixie, owned by Johnny K. Coffman, second from left, handled by Brandon Coffman, second from right, 225+. Also shown are Mike Young, left, and Doug Mink, right.

7th: Neff & Wilson’s Banjo AKA Big Boy, owned by Jeremy Neff, right, and John Wilson of Edmonton, Kentucky, handled by Allen Gingerich, left, 225+.

8th: Madison Shamin Red, owned and handled by Dan Rankin, right, 125+. Also shown is Kevin Travis.

9th: KY Moonlight Breanna, owned by Doug Moone of Alexandria, Kentucky, handled by Shane Maxey, 125+.

Youngest Hunter With Most Plus Points: T.J. Herman. Also shown is Justin Lucas.

Youngest Hunter: Alexandra McDonough

Senior Cast Winner: Carl Braun, second from left. Also shown from left to right are Dennis VanBuren, Mike Engelhoff and Bill Feldman.
Fellowship Hunt

1st: GR NITE CH Big Red, owned by Wade Kuhns, second from right, 700+. Also shown are Joe Maitland, Bill Lash and Josh Tetting.

2nd: GR CH GR NITE CH Deana, owned by Rodger Shabel, handled by Lucas Barkman, shown, 200+.

3rd: Rage, owned by Joe Maitland, left, 200+. Also shown are Bill Lash, Josh Tetting and Wade Kuhns.