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The UKC Limited Privilege Program is changing!
Posted on 08/08/2014 in Dog Events.

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The UKC Limited Privilege Program is changing!

New Performance Listing Program Being Introduced

For additional information, contact performance@ukcdogs.com

August 8, 2014. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Beginning September 1, 2014, UKC’s Limited Privilege program will become our new “Performance Listing” Program. UKC feels that the Performance Listing Program is a very positive step forward in expanding the ways in which people and their dogs discover something they love to do by allowing them more ways to participate in any of UKC’s performance events!

The process will work nearly identically to getting an LP number except that dogs need not be a UKC recognized breed or designated as a mixed-breed. These dogs will be listed as “unrecognized”. Owners of UKC recognized breeds who wish to get a Performance Listing number may still indicate their dogs’ breed if they so choose.

Why is UKC changing this program? UKC felt that the term “Limited Privilege” was outdated and somewhat derogatory. There are so many ways to enjoy competing with our dogs, not being able to compete in conformation in no way “limits” dogs or their owners in what they can do.

UKC also wants to allow anyone who wants to participate in a UKC performance event be allowed to do so regardless of a “breed” designation. Previously, any breed unrecognized by the UKC could not get a “Limited Privilege” number. Dogs could come in as a “Mixed-breed” but in many cases that was not accurate as there are many breeds in foreign countries that the UKC does not currently recognize. We saw no reason to keep them from competing in performance events. This program and process will not change at all for our mixed-breed dogs except the “AMB” or “AMBOR” designation will no longer be used.

All dogs with current “LP” Limited Privilege numbers will keep their number and owners will continue entering UKC events the same way they always have. Effective September 1, all new applicants for the “LP” number will be assigned the new “PL” number. All dogs accepted for a Performance Listing are eligible to compete in UKC Performance and Hunting events, but not all breeds are eligible for every event. Please refer to our website for the rules of eligibility for each event or call the UKC office directly.

Dogs eligible for a PL number are also eligible for a Temporary Listing (TL) number if the breed is eligible for a TL. Not all breeds are eligible for a Temporary Listing number. The best way to know is to contact us here in the office or send us an email to performance@ukcdogs.com.

As with the “Limited Privilege” Program, the new Performance Listing Program does not carry full registration privileges. No litters may be registered from a Performance Listed dog and no pedigrees will be maintained. The number simply allows dogs to enter UKC events and allows UKC to maintain the dog’s competition history and issue performance titles. PL dogs may also participate in Junior Showmanship classes with Junior handlers.