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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dogs!
Posted on 11/21/2012 from the home page.

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It’s time for Thanksgiving again! With the smell of turkey coming from the oven, it may be hard to resist sharing with your canine companions – but it may be more harmful than a loving gesture. Keep these guidelines in mind while celebrating Thanksgiving with family, friends, and your dogs this year:

Don’t encourage your family members and guests to give your pet inappropriate snacks. Sodium-rich foods (especially peanuts and chips) and other fatty foods like poultry skin and gravy can cause an inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreatitis is a potentially life-threatening condition.

Make sure to dispose of aluminum foil, plastic wrap and wax paper from various foods. If your pet can get to it, he or she will lick the food off foils or wraps. If they accidentally swallow the wrapping or foil, it can cause an intestinal obstruction.

Secure your garbage. Your furry friend can quickly get into the garbage and gobble up whatever smells good – including the string used to tie the turkey.

Onions, garlic and grapes in holiday stuffing and other traditional foods can lead to canine anemia if consumed by your dog.

Keep chocolate and alcohol away from your dogs – as they are also toxic for pets.

Turkey bones are also dangerous for your pet. Since they are smaller, dogs will tend to not chew as thoroughly and the bones can snap or break. Any brittle, spiky bone could lodge in the esophagus or cause an irritation of his or her stomach or intestines.

You might want to try to feed your pets before the guests arrive. This might reduce the temptation for begging and stealing.

While a parade can be fun for you and your family, it is probably best to keep your pet home and away from parade celebrations. With the large crowds and a lot of noise, your pet can become stressed or even worse, can get lost in the crowd.

The United Kennel Club wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and remember to be thankful for the dogs in your lives!