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Southern National Redbone Championship This Weekend!
Posted on 02/13/2013 in Coonhounds.

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While us northern hunters will still be shivering in the cold and digging our way out of the snow, Redbone fanciers from across the nation will be converging on Cedar Grove, NC for the Sixteenth Annual Southern National Redbone Championship this weekend.

The event, which is sponsored by the National Redbone Coonhound Association and hosted by the Eno River Coonhunters Association, is always a winter retreat for Redbone folks everywhere. The weekend will kick off with an all Redbone RQE Bench Show and Nite Hunt on Thursday, February 14. UKC Licensed Bench Shows and Nite Hunts will also be held for all breeds on Friday, February 15 and Saturday, February 16. A non-licensed Dash Race and Treeing Contest will also be held on Saturday after the show.

For more information check our their ad
below or in the January issue of COONHOUND BLOODLINES. Good luck to everyone in Cedar Grove!