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Southeastern Treeing Walker Days Saturday Bench Show
Posted on 02/23/2013 in Coonhounds.

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Southeastern Treeing Walker Days Saturday Bench Show
BSJ: Amanda Alexander

47 entries

Southeastern Treeing Walker Days Overall Winner:
GRCH Midnight Troubles Back In Town; TW; Melinda Hicks, Camden, WV

Opposite Sex Winner:
Red Eagle City of Zion; TW; Lisa Hinziker, Pomona, IL

Grand Champion Male:
GRCH CCH Heartthrob’s Holy Teror; TW; Sandra L Pratt, Jefferson, OH

Grand Champion Female:
GRCH Midnight Troubles Back in Town; TW; Melinda Hicks, Camden, WV

Champion Male:
Ch Melrose Mtn This is My Town; PLT; Shane & Lisa Beddingfield, Flat Rock, NC

Champion Female:
CH Sideshow Wonder’s Sweet Revenge; TW; Leslie & Eric Brooks, Pounding Mill, VA

Dual Champion:
GRCH GRNITECH Grahams Put Em Up All Grand Ride; TW; Brent Graham

Pairs: Red Eagle City of Zion; TW Male; Lisa Hunziker, Pomona, IL
GRCH Kentucky River Bella; TW Female; Lee Currens, Piedmont, SC



Male Puppy & Best of Breed Male: Nite Times Sexy and I Know It; J D Atwell, Bastain, VA

Senior Male: Eastern Shores Lil Blue Ike; Robert Coty Strannanah, Denton, MD


Female Puppy & Best of Breed Female: Heart Throb’s Jimmy Cricket; Katy Pratt, Jefferson, OH

Treeing Walker:

Male Puppy, Best of Breed Male & Best of Show Male: Knock Hill Fast Freddy; Brett Gerst or Kristin Block, Rockwell, NC

Junior Male: Heza Whiskey Man; Blair Garrett, Oxford, NC

Female Puppy, Best of Breed Female & Best of Show Female: Kentucky River Plan B; Lee Currens Jr, Nicholasville, KY

Junior Female: CCH Flatwoods Fading Mist; Loyd S Black & Gerald S Black, Greer, SC

Senior Female: CCH She’s Gone With the Wind; Aaron Gunter, May Meadows, VA