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Sinfad's Bridge Opal 'Topaz' the Best of the Best (By Tom Dafnis)
Posted on 09/20/2013 in Notes From The Field.

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Topaz’s grandmother “Sinfad’s Casey May” is out of plantation stock from the Thomasville, GA area. She was bred to an All Age shooting dog that belonged to a dog trainer friend that ran a hunting operation for a large private plantation there. Her blood lines go back to some of the big running All Age dogs 30 years ago that are in the Hall of Fame today.

Topaz’s mother (Sinfad’s Jewel) has run National Shoot to Retrieve Association (NSTRA) trials and did fairly well, but her specialty was prairie grouse. She never looked real good on planted birds but looked like a million bucks on wild birds. She could find a covey of birds when no other dog was producing. You could pull her out of the box in the heat of the day and she would go find the birds. At the Firesteel Creek Lodge where I guide she is the favorite to walk behind for partridge and grouse. I had offers to sell her to southern clients (plantation owners themselves) many-times over.

I bred Jewel to 24x champion Stephens Bright Copper, the most decorated pointer in NSTRA history and to this day he still holds the record for most championships in the history of NSTRA. Together they produced Sinfad’s Bright Opal “Topaz”.

Topaz is another story. A truly three dimensional dog that would exceed in any venue from heavy cover to cow bombed badlands and everything in between including NAVHDA as she loves the water and will swim for a downed duck for over 30 minutes. She is the most biddable dog in my kennel and lives to do one thing – please me. She is a joy to own and my bragging dog. She is an out of-the-box expert in everything from pinning hard to find coveys of grouse and partridge to tracking running pheasants; Topaz can do it all. I have put her in many venues from test to trial and she never fails to live up to her bloodlines and to turn heads.

Topaz is a NSTRA champion with a trial record of 4-1st, 4-2nd, 4-3rd in a very short trial season of 45 days. This is quiet an accomplishment in a 3 year time span. I started running her before she was 3 years of age.

This last weekend we decided to run her in the 1st UKC event I have ever heard of. Open braces, not really knowing what was expected of us. But knowing we were going to be on wild birds so I felt we had a chance, as I know that Topaz knows - grouse. Knowing that, I felt she might have a little advantage, but we still had to play by the rules. She ran a good race. Covered a lot of ground and stayed on course. Had some great finds handling them with all manners expected from the judges.

We received our 1st placement winning that division. Now we will try to pursue a UKC CHF title. What fun it will be meeting new people and traveling to new places.

Look out UKC here we come!