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September Full Circle
Posted on 09/09/2010 in Full Circle.

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Jed Nichols
Performance Pack
Policy/Rule changes for 2011
Effective January 1, 2011

The 2010 UKC Performance Pack Rules meeting took place on Saturday, July 10, 2010, at UKC Headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Those in attendance and voting on proposals were Field Representatives Glenn Landry of Pennsylvania, Dave McVay of Ohio, and Lee Clemens of Illinois. As predicted, there were very few changes made to the Performance Pack Honor Rules for the 2011 Rulebook. Listed below are the Proposals that were submitted to the Rules Committee and how they were voted on. Also included are three policy changes that address Judges, certification procedures and those serving probation.

Proposal 1
Change the state race qualifications so that only cast winners that make the winners pack receive Incentive Fund points.
Failed 3 to 0

Proposal 1 (Amended/clarification)
Only cast winners with plus points (rabbit produced) will be eligible for Incentive Fund points.
Passed 3 to 0

Proposal 2
Change the qualifications to become a Performance Pack Champion, and set it up the same way as the state race. Cast winners receive points.
Failed 3 to 0

Proposal 2 (Amended)
Only cast winners with positive points (rabbit produced) will be eligible for placement/championship points.
Passed 3 to 0

Proposal 3
Add to the rules that the Judge will not walk dogs while they are on the clock for not hunting.
Failed 3 to 0

Proposal 4
If at the end of the final cast there is no score on the dogs, run the additional half hour, and if still no score then have sudden death overtime. The first dog that scores positive points wins.
Failed 3 to 0

Proposal 5
Have some kind of certifying Judges or committee that are the only ones eligible to certify a dog from the Registered to the Champion class.
Pass 3 to 0 (see details following)

Proposal 6
Update the Total Dog rules so that they match the ones that are in the Hunting Beagle Rulebook as far as the dog must hunt the day of the show to be eligible for Total Dog points. (Both will be updated/improved for 2011.)
Pass 3 to 0

Proposal 7
Do away with the 30-day prior notice for certifying dogs if it is not during or at the close of the event.
Failed 3 to 0

Proposal 8
Change the PCH certification rules so that dogs can be certified after any UKC Licensed Beagle event, not just Performance Pack events or where publicly posted 30 days prior.
Failed 3 to 0

Rule Change
On page 47 of the Performance Pack Rulebook the bold lettering towards the end of Rule 3(c) will now read In the case of catching a rabbit the dog that catches the rabbit will receive 20+ strike.
Pass 3 to 0

Policy Change
Any individual serving probation will be unable to participate as a Judge or a Master of Hounds at a UKC licensed Performance Pack event.

Policy Change
This policy change is undoubtedly one of, if not the, biggest change that was made. It will take a little bit of adjustment at first as does everything that is new to us but I have no doubt that in the years to come the program will do nothing but reap benefits from this change. In our efforts to try and maintain the highest standards possible with our Judges, we felt that it was necessary to make the following changes to the Judging requirements as well as to those who certify dogs that have completed the requirements to become Performance Pack Champions. There was a lot of time and effort put into this discussion and we tried to look at it from every angle imaginable so that nothing was overlooked, yet the appropriate changes would be made in the best way possible.

Beginning in January of 2011 we will have and maintain a list of Judges that will make up a Certification Committee, so to speak. The United Kennel Club will maintain this list of Certification Judges and see to it that there are enough available as to not hinder the certification of hounds that have met the requirements to certify. These Certification Judges will hold a current PP Judges license and in addition will have “Certification Judge” printed on their licenses. One Performance Pack Judge who is also a “Certification Judge” will be required to be present any time that a dog is to attempt a certification for a PCH title. Clubs will be responsible and therefore held accountable to verify that when dogs are to be certified at their club one of the two licensed Judges required to certify dogs must have a Certification Judge’s license. The host club at which the certification takes place will be solely responsible for verifying that one of the two Judges is a Certification Judge. Host clubs must ask Judges to present their Judge’s license before they go to the field to certify dogs. If any dogs are found to have not had two licensed Judges present upon certifying, with one of them being a certification Judge, the certification will be denied.

Policy Change
Rule 3(b) under Judges will be re-written to include the following: A UKC Licensed Judge is an individual who has filled out the official UKC Judges application, passed the written test, and completed three apprenticeships under three licensed Judges one of whom must be a “Certification Judge” as designated by the United Kennel Club. Apprenticeship requirements must be met at UKC licensed events. Additionally, all NKC licensed Progressive Pack Judges will be considered to be grandfathered in (UKC discretion) providing that they fill out the application and pass the written test.

Policy Change
It will no longer be permissible for an Apprentice/Judge to fill out the application, take the test and Judge at the club on the same day.