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September 2013 Employee of the Month
Posted on 09/03/2013 from the home page.

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Ashley Gardner

Ashley has worked at UKC for a year and a half. She was previously working at a grocery store in Battle Creek when a UKC Vice President was in her line and gave her a business card. Ashley applied for the job, was interviewed and hired a short time after.

Ashley attended Western Michigan University in 2006 and graduated in 2011. She has a degree in Criminal Justice, with two minors in Social Psychology and Spanish. She looks forward to continuing her education in the future and receiving her masters in Social Work.

She works in the production department of UKC. Ashley is responsible for processing paperwork and occasionally answering phone calls. Ashley loves working with her co-workers. “It’s a nice change to have dogs in the workplace. It can really brighten up a bad day.”

Her family purchased a Miniature Dachshund when Ashley was 9 years old. Her name is Heidi. She is still going strong at 16 years of age and even acts like a puppy at times! Ashley currently lives in an apartment so she does not have any dogs at the moment. She hopes to one day purchase a house so she would be able to own a couple of dogs. Rat Terriers and Huskies are amongst her favorites. When she has free time, her hobbies include reading and going to movies. She considers herself a movie fanatic, going at least twice a week to a movie.

Ashley hopes one day to attend one of the main dog shows or hunting events to see what it is all about on the staff end, as she has only attended PREMIER as a spectator. Also, she hopes to see room for advancement and hopefully get a taste for the different departments within the company as she sees that UKC is a good fit for her.