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Saturday Hunt Results Walker Days 2007
Posted on 04/22/2007 in Coonhounds.

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Gabby Wins Walker Days! NITECH 'PR' Bellars Gabby, (GRNITECH 'PR' Bellar's Psyco x CH NITECH 'PR' Wabash River Hustlin Hooker) a four year old female owned by Russell Bellar of Peru, Indiana, had a phenominal weekend. Gabby won her cast on both Friday and Saturday nights placing first in the Nite Champion Division on each night. The Treeing Walker Association gave away over $10,000 in prizes to the winners this year. The Overall winner took a dog box from Heritage, a tracking system from Wildlife, a 20 Volt light from Bandit Lights along with the trophies and the prestige that comes with winning such a major event. Congratulations to owner Russell Bellar, handler Bryan Whitted and NITECH 'PR' Bellars Gabby on winning the 49th Annual Treeing Walker Days!

Treeing Walker Days 2007
Saturday Nite Hunt and Final Results
Purina Points Event
April 21, 2007 – 206 Entries
MOH: Elba Neat

2007 Treeing Walker Days Overall Winner: NITE CH ‘PR’ Bellar’s Gabby, TW, owned by Russ Bellar (second from right) of Huntington, Indiana. Handled by Bryan Whitted (second from left), 1200+.

2007 Treeing Walker Days Opposite Sex Winner: ‘PR’ Stylish Chrome, TW male, owned by Steve Burkholder (left) and Eric Word of Angola, Indiana. Handled by Eric Word.

Grand Nite Champion 1st Place: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Lone Pine Patsy, TW female, owned by Randy Smith (left) or Tom Strang (right) of Kittanning, Pennsylvania. Handled by Randy, 875+.

Grand Nite Champion 2nd Place: FCH GR NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Stone Creek Avalanche, TW, owned and handled by Ben Spickler (center) of Hesston, Pennsylvania. Also shown are Tim Harvey, Dallas Runk and Don, Kim and Roy Spickler.

Grand Nite Champion 3rd Place: GR NITE CH Doc’s Honest Abe, TW, owned by Kevin Phillips (shown) and B.T. Love. Handled by Kevin.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ Bellar’s Gabby, TW, owned by Russ Bellar of Huntington, Indiana. Handled by Bryan Whitted, 1200+.

2nd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Ozark’s Smokin Fizzy, B&T, owned by Alan Holding (right) or Jason Cooper of Fishers, Indiana. Handled by Alan, 600+. Also shown is Darrell Bodkin.

3rd: NITE CH CH ‘PR’ Zuk’s Red Pride Page, RED, owned and handled by Richard Zuk (second from left) of Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota, 600. Also shown is Allen Gingerich, Darren Gher and Jeff Murphy.

4th: GRWCH NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Tuttle’s Treeing Tobby, TW, owned and handled by Dustin Tuchaeski (right) of Colulmbus, Wisconsin, 550+. Also shown is Jessica Tuchaeski.

5th: GR CH NITE CH ‘PR’ Tequila Sunset, TW, owned and handled by David Hall of Centralia, Kansas, 525+.


1st and Saturday High Scoring Male: ‘PR’ Brookshier Finley River Driver, TW, owned and handled by Jason Clark (center) of West Sunbury, Pennsylvania, 875+. Also shown are Jeff Murphy, Jim Grossman, Darren Gher and Chris Waller.

2nd: Shepherd’s Lock Up Cricket, TW, owned by Paul Shepherd of Cornettsville, Kentucky. Handled by Melvin Shepherd (second from left), 750+. Also shown are Roger Salyers, Jerry Johnson and Scott Brashears.

3rd: Bellar’s Janice Joplin, TW, owned by Russ Bellar (right) of Huntington, Indiana. Handled by Marv Schmucker (left), 700+.

4th: Tinsmans Tall Tree Deuce, TW, owned and handled by Dave Tinsman (left) of Losantville, Indiana, 450+. Also shown is Jason Bowling.

5th: Elk Creeks Matt Dillon, TW, owned by Chris Jolly (right) or Chris Gehring of Ewing, Kentucky. Handled by Chris Jolly, 450+.

6th: Eel River Queen, TW, owned by Richard Gamble of Coal City, Indiana. Handled by Jim Lundy (shown), 375+.

7th: Hilltops E-Z Money, TW, owned and handled by Brian Collins (left) of Wallback, West Virginia, 375+. Also shown is Mike Minger.

8th: Banes Whats Up Lad, TW, owned by Austin Bane of Gordonsville, Indiana. Handled by Kenny Sparks (right), 300+. Also shown is Tommy Curtis.

9th: GR CH Nighttime A&R Trouble, TW, owned by James Atwell Jr. or David Reynolds (left) of Rocky Gap, Virginia. Handled by David, 225+. Also shown is Mary Reynolds.

10th: Harrison’s Cutter Man, TW, owned by Lemuel Harrison (left) of Melvin, Michigan. Handled by Herbert Gulledge, 200+. Also shown are Evans Fletcher and T.J. Johnson.