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Result's from Saturday's Bench Show at American Redbone Days
Posted on 06/04/2011 in Coonhounds.

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Bench Show

BSJ: Richard D. Sickman
Total Entered: 24

Grand Champion Male: GR CH Born In The U.S.A., RED, owned by Dale, second from right, or Laurie Young, second from left, of Waterford, Michigan handled by Dale. Also shown is Jamie Crigger, left, and Michelle Brown

Grand Champion Female: GRCH American's Virginia Legacy, RED, owned by Dale, second from right, or Laurie Young, second from left. Also shown is Jamie Crigger, left, and Michelle Brown.

Champion Male: CH Hess Saturday Nite Special, RED, owned and handled by Jackie Carpenter, right, of . Also shown is Debbie Crump.

Champion Female: CCH CH Hoo Hoo Hollow Let Freedom Ring, RED, owned by Jamie Crigger, right, of Prince George, Virginia. Handled by Dale Young, second from right. Also shown are Michelle Brown and Laurie Young.

BMOS: Wicked's Storming Bow, owned and handled by Bonnie Snider, right, of Jackson, Michigan. Also shown is Sam and Scott Snider.

BFOS: Red Fever Snake Rattle N Roll, owned by Aubrey, fifth from right, or Ann Butler, fourth from left, of Redstorm, Wisconsin, handled by Aubrey. Also shown are Terry and Colton Goza, Dane and Abram Butler, Kenny Deal, Norah Butler, and Matt and Amanda Schultz.

English Coonhound

Junior Female/BFOB: Wilholm's One Hot Cookie, owned and handled by Larry W. Wilhelm, center, of Benon, Ohio. Also shown is Nancy Wilhelm, left, and Cindi Schlosser

Redbone Coonhound
Male Puppy/BMOB: Wicked Sterning BGH.
Junior Male: Windy Rage Showtime Catastrophe, owned by Alex Auringer or Josh Rain, of Wykoff, Minnesota, handled by Alex.

Female Puppy: Goza's Sing Along Dance Fever, owned and handled by Terry Goza, fourth from right, of Atkinson, Iowa. Also shown is Aubrey, Abram, Dane and Ann Butler, Colton Goza, Kenny Deal, Matt and Amanda Schultz and Norah Butler.
Junior Female/BFOB: Red Fever Snake Rattle N Roll.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Female Puppy/BFOB: Beregbauer's City of Angels, owned by Rodney Bergbauer of Portland, Indiana, handled by Mary Reynolds, right. Also shown is Kayla Salmon.