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Results from Round 2 at the 2012 UKC Hunting Beagle World Championship
Posted on 09/29/2012 in Beagles.

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Results from Round 2 at the 2012 UKC Hunting Beagle World Championship

Cast 1
HBCH Buck Lake Lady, a female owned by Phil Gingerich / Sam Raber of Middlebury, Indiana 235+
GRCH GRHBCH Stacy's Mountain Outlaw Thunder, a male owned by Coy Stacy of Thomasville, North Carolina 285+ CW
HBCH GRCH Howard's Rooster, a male owned by Travis Howard of Frankford, West Virginia 270+
Brushaxe's Hurry Up Grand Slam, a male owned by Jarrod B Waybright & Vicky Bassitt of Belpre, Ohio 130+

Cast 2
HBCH Miller's Litle Legend, a male owned by David B Miller / Mark T Rockwell of Homer, Michigan 285+ CW
GRPCH HBCH Hurry Up Divalicious, a female owned by Kelly Hanners-Smart / Vicky Bassitt of Newcomerstown, Ohio 190+
Hillbilly Hunting Budda, a male owned by Carlous C Bailey of Cox's Mills, West Virginia 60-
GRHBCH Hicks' Made In The Shade, a male owned by Larry R Hicks of Shelby, Ohio 245+

Cast 3
HBCH GRCH Stacy's Mountain Outlaw Whitey, a female owned by Coy Stacy of Thomasville, North Carolina 40-
HBCH Xdawg Gus, a male owned by Kevin Weaver & Paul Weaver of Fort Gay, West Virginia 20-
PCH Sundown I Got Freckles, a female owned by Don Mc Vay / Dave Mc Vay of Fresno, Ohio 45-

Cast 4
HBCH ‘PR’ Six-Pack Duke, a male owned by Bob Syrews of Weston, West Virginia Scratched
Dlj's Dice Man, a male owned by James Porreca of Felton, Delaware 72.5+ CW
GRHBCH Squeakin Thru James, a male owned by Eric Ballanger of Melrose, Iowa Scratched

Cast 5
Branko's Real Tuff Rambo, a male owned by Danny Butler of Bridgeville, Delaware 100-
CH HBCH Little Italy's Gracie Girl, a female owned by Jeff Eing of Trimble, Ohio 200-
GRHBCH Chippewa Little Rachel, a female owned by Betty Copley / Adam Blackburn of Rittman, Ohio 150-

Cast 6
Buck Lake Center Piece, a female owned by Willis Yoder of Shipshewana, Indiana Withdrew
HBCH Hartleyville Grim Ripper, a male owned by Jeff Eing of Trimble, Ohio 297.5+ CW
GRCH GRHBCH ‘PR’ Burkes Run-Em Down Cracker Jack, a male owned by Brian Campbell / Kevin Weaver of Prichard, West Virginia 297.5+

Cast 7
CH HBCH Weaver's Klever Copper, a male owned by Trenas M Weaver & Melvin E Mc Vay of Coshocton, Ohio 217.5+
Meade's Outback Driller, a male owned by Brian Meade of Warsaw, Ohio Scratched
HBCH Gauge VIII, a male owned by Dave Mc Vay of Fresno, Ohio 292.5+ CW

Cast 8
PCH GRCH GRHBCH Shenango Trigger, a male owned by William Mc Farland / James Cataldi of Austintown, Ohio 100-
Little Italy's Coal Black, a female owned by Matthew S Turner / Jeff Eing of Newark, Ohio Scratched
HBCH Jg's Oscar Wild, a male owned by Jeremy Geiger of Utica, Ohio Scratched

Cast 9
GRHBCH Dry Fork Crosspatch Stub, a male owned by Mike Ridenhour / Garrett Ridenhour of Belle, Missouri 50+
PCH GRHBCH Chippewa Bear Cub, a male owned by Wendell L Copley & Betty L Copley of Rittman, Ohio Scratched
NGRHBCH GRHBCH Circle H Hurry Up Blue Regis, a male owned by David Hummell / Douglas Hummell of Coshocton, Ohio 205+ CW