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Results from Friday's Nite Hunt at American Redbone Days
Posted on 06/04/2011 in Coonhounds.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
MOH: Richard D. Sickman
Total Entered: 108

Grand Nite Champion/High Scoring Redbone Male: GR CH GR NITE CH Moonlight After Shock, RED, owned and handled by John L. Biggert, right, of Graytown, Ohio, 1,125+. Also shown from left to right are Kelly Biggert, John Biggert, Sr., Bryce Hofacker and Chase Royer.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH Moonlight Wizard, RED, owned and handled by Chad Cartwright, shown, of Sheldan, Illinois, 758 1/3+.

2nd: NITE CH Miller's Shipshewana Blue Oakie, BLU, owned by Leon C. or Clyde S. Miller of Shipshewana, Indiana, handled by Leland Miller, second from right,, 683 1/2+. Also shown from left to right are Eugene Bontrager, Lyle Lehman, Lavon Miller and Leon Yoder.


1st: Tucker N Meads Blue Boomer, BLU, owned by Terry Tucker or Ed Mead of Albion, Michigan, handled by Rickey Bryant Jr., 1,237 1/2+.

2nd: Nightime Prospect, TW, owned and handled by Earl Hochstetler, shown, of Topeka, Indiana, 775+.

3rd: Yoder's Indiana Little John, B&T, owned and handled by Myron Yoder of Topeka, Indiana, 600+.

4th: Prior's Candi Sue, RED, owned and handled by Roger Prior, right, of Riverton, Illinois, 500+. Also shown from left to right are T.J. Herman, Devin Stoots and Justin Lucas.

5th: Wild N Blue Tramp, BLU, owned by Mackie Manns, Sr., right, of Wolcottville, Indiana, 450+. Also shown from left to right are Anthony Gross and Mackie Manns, Jr.

6th: Stoney Creek Miss Daisy, TW, owned and handled by Lean Yoder, center, of Millersburg, Indiana, 375+. Also shown are Anthony, left, and Brian Gross.

7th: Soggy Bottom The Frog Dawg, RED, owned and handled by Mike Laster of Radford, Virginia, 350+.

8th: CH Sassafras Moonlight Jessie, RED, owned and handled by Meredith Slone of Hihat, Kentucky, 325+.

9th: Sides Little Commet, TW, owned and handled by Kevin Miller of Millersburg, Indiana, 325+. Shown is Arlen Nisley.

10th: A N J's Silver Bullet, TW, owned by Jay, right, and Arlen Nisley, left, of Creenfield, Indiana, handled by Jay, 325+.