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Posted on 01/03/2013 in HTX = Coondog.

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For my inaugural HTX article, I thought I’d touch on a few rules questions we’ve received in the last month or so. Hopefully these clarifications will help you and your club to have a successful, fun Hunt Test.

Q: How many Hunt Tests can my dog enter in one night?
A: The short answer to this is one. Whether your dog passes or fails, or if you’ve got more than one inspector ready to take you out, you may only enter your dog once per night. The HTX program is designed to show that your dog can strike, trail, and tree game on three different nights with three different inspectors.

Q: Can I enter more than one dog in a Hunt Test per night? Do I need a different inspector for each?
A: Yes, you can enter more than one dog per night. The number is only limited to how much time you’ve got to work with. It is not necessary for a hunter to get a different inspector for each dog he or she enters. Remember, though, you have to pass three Hunt Tests with three different inspectors to receive the HTX title on your dog.

Q: Can I enter my dog using a conditional entry?
A: If a handler doesn’t have their dog’s UKC Easy Entry™ Card or Registration Certificate with them, they can enter the dog using the conditional entry provision. A $5 fee will be charged to that handler and it must be reported to UKC as a conditional entry.

Q: Can our club have a UKC Nite Hunt and Hunt Test on the same night? Can I hunt my dog in both?
A: The answer to both questions is yes, but there needs to be a little more clarification. We decided it would be beneficial to both the club and hunters if both formats were available on the same night. Most every club has hunters who don’t competition hunt who are still very involved in their local club. Having both types of hunts allows everyone to gather for a good coon club cheeseburger, thousand-degree coffee and bragging sessions on dogs of old. I think it will be a great way to help build camaraderie and fellowship among the different age groups and hunting styles in your club.

To clarify the second part of this question, you have to consider the time element. In our UKC Nite Hunts, we have a “hard” deadline for entry. No dog may be entered after this time. In the hunt tests, it’s more of a “guideline” entry time. If a club has inspectors and guides available, they are able to take entries as long as they wish. If you come back in from the Nite Hunt and wish to enter the Hunt Test, you can as long as the club has people available to take you.