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Purina Points Event Reminder
Posted on 01/09/2013 in Coonhound Bloodlines Editor's Comments.

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Purina Points Event Reminder
Vicki Rand

We wanted to remind our readers that COONHOUND BLOODLINES traditionally offers the opportunity to all of the Purina Points Event host clubs to highlight their results. We want to help them in every way to promote their event and give the winners a chance to showcase their dogs in a very special way. We also encourage the host clubs of the larger events to provide their results and photos for publication.

Following are the Purina Points events scheduled so far this year. January: *Winter Classic. February: Florida State Championship. March: Georgia State Championship; South Carolina State Championship; Louisiana State Championship; Alabama State Championship; Virginia State Championship. April: *Purina National Championship, Kansas State Championship, North Carolina State Championship. May: Tennessee State Championship; Arkansas State Championship; Pennsylvania State Championship; Michigan State Championship; Illinois State Championship. June: Missouri State Championship, Badger State Championship. July: Indiana State Championship. August: West Virginia State Championship; Iowa State Championship; Nebraska State Championship; *Autumn Oaks. September: Texas State Championship; Canadian Autumn Open; Minnesota State Championship; Kentucky State Championship; *UKC Zone Semifinals; *UKC World Championship. October: New York State Championship; Ohio State Championship. November: Mississippi State Championship.

In addition to Breed Days, these are the major events for which we will publish results: January - *Grand American; February - SETWA Days, Southern National Redbone Days; March - BBCHA Spring Hunt, Pete D’Andrea/Pontotoc Co CHC, Southern English Days; October - BBCHA Fall Round-Up; December - Battle of the Breeds.

When the results will be published. The staff of COONHOUND BLOODLINES knows how important the results of your event are to you and the winners. We make every effort to publish your results as quickly as possible, but we need your help! We depend on the club to get their Event Report to Coonhound Field Operations as soon after the event took place as possible.

The Photos. The majority of all event photos taken are digital. This process makes it much easier to get them to us as soon as possible after the event. They can be e-mailed or stored on a cd and mailed to us. All we request is that each photo be labeled. The most efficient way to do this is to save each photo with the name of the win it represents. For example if the photo is of the first place Registered winner on Friday, you can name it “Fri Reg 1”. King of Hunt can be “KOH”. It’s that simple.

The next step is to provide a list of who is in each photo. This is usually done in a text document. List what you named the photo, then who is in it. This document can also be e-mailed or copied on to the same cd you put the photos on.

You do not need to print out hard copies of the photos, but if you do, please provide the same information as you would for a digital photo. Unfortunately, photos that are not labeled, are impossible to identify, are of poor quality or whose information conflicts with the official results, will not be published.

Please send the CDs and results and/or photos directly to: COONHOUND BLOODLINES, 100 E Kilgore Rd, Kalamazoo MI 49002-5584, and mark the envelope, “Purina Points Event Photos.” E-mailed information can be sent directly to Vicki Rand, vrand@ukcdogs.com, or Annie Hammond, ahammond@ukcdogs.com.

The “official” results. COONHOUND BLOODLINES publishes the results photospread only after the official UKC Event Results have been received and processed by Coonhound Field Operations. If CHFO had to contact the host club or event official about the results, the photos will be published as soon as those questions have been resolved.

* Events covered by the CB and UKC Staff.

This article originally appeared in the January 2013 issue of COONHOUND BLOODLINES.