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Pony and Carly Wisconsin State Champions
Posted on 05/30/2011 in Coonhounds.

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After a respectable Third Place win in the Registered category on Friday, Bandit Bustin Pony Up posted a First Place score on Saturday night to win the Wisconsin State Championship. The combined score of 950+ was the high score posted by the coming four year-old Treeing Walker female, at the Purina Points Event held at Hebron this past weekend. Pony is owned by Ross and Rita Schultz of Cascade, Wisconsin. She was handled by Russ Schultz on Friday night and then by Ron Shultz on Saturday night. Congratulations to the Schultz' on their State Championship win with Pony!
According to UKC records, a first showing for Grace's Treein' Blu Carly resulted in a huge win. The 16 month old female won Best in Show Female on Saturday then went on to win the overall Bench Show. Congratulations to owner/handler Russ Downing of Fennimore, Wisconsin on a fantastic weekend in Hebron winning both King and Queen of Show!

Thanks to all the officers and members of the Jefferson County Coon & Fox Hunters Club for all their efforts in hosting the Purina Points Wisconsin State Championship sponsored by the Wisconsin Coonhunters Association. Also a special thanks to Erica Froeming and Jay Lahey for providing the following results and photos.

Check out the complete results of the Wisconsin State Championship as follows.

Wisconsin State Championship
Hosted by Wisconsin Coonhunters Association and Jefferson County Coon & Fox Hunters Club
May 27 & 28, 2011
Hebron, WI
Purina Points Event

Overall WI State Champion: PR Bandit Bustin Pony Up, (TW) O: Ross Schultz, H: Russ (Fri) and Ron (Sat) Schultz. (Double Cast wins: Fri 175+, Sat 775+)

Overall Opposite Sex High Scoring Dog of Hunt: Ch NtCh PR Overturf’s Skuna River Slinger, O: Dewey Overturf, H: Grant Noeske. TW. (Double Cast win: Fri: 225+, Sat 500+)

King of Show: NtChGrChPR Bums Treein Blue Patch, BLU, O: Russ Downing. H: Dan Downing

Queen of Show / Wisconsin State Champion: PR Grace’s Treein Blue Carly, BLU, O/H: Russ Downing

Friday, May 27th
UKC Licensed Purina Points Nite Hunt
MOH: Bob Lea
Total Entered: 37

Grand Nite Champion:

1st: ChGrNtCh PR Edingers Blue PA Pete. O/H Todd Edinger Jr, Blu, 650+

Nite Champion

1st: Nt Ch PR Peterson’s Wishbone. O/H: Kevin Peterson, TW, 275+


1st: GrCh PR JJ’s Bigtimber Ralph. O/H: Scott Johnson, Blu, 1025+

2nd: PR Mad Dog Psycho Talk To ‘em Toby. O/H: Robbie Brooks, Blu, 325+

3rd: PR Bandit Bustin Pony Up. O/H: Ross Schultz, TW, 175+

4th: PR Bremada’s Bocephus. O/H: Brandon Gudgeon, Blyu, 125+

UKC Licensed Purina Points Bench Show
BSJ: Jake Appel
Total Entered: 7

Grand Champion Male: none entered

Grand Champion Female: GrCh Ingrams Koon Krazy Katie. O/H; Teressa Ingram, Eng.

Champion Male: Ch Ingrams Commanche Drum. O/H: Teressa Ingram, Eng.

Champion Female: Ch Ingrams Muscodine Blue Molly. O/H: Teressa Ingram, Blu.

BMOS: Blue Ribbon Winner, O/H: Elizabeth Kuhls, Red.

BFOS: Sugar River Maybell’s BB Blue. O/H: Kent Schwartzlow, Blu.

Bluetick Coonhound
Junior Female: Sugar River Maybell’s BB Blue. O/H: Kent Schwartzlow. BFOB.

Redbone Coonhound
Male Puppy: Blue Ribbon Winner. O/H Elizabeth Kuhls. BMOB
Female Puppy: K&D’s Rave Rockin Roxie. O/H Elizabeth Kuhls. BFOB

Saturday, May 28th
UKC Licensed Purina Points Nite Hunt
MOH: Erika Froeming
Total Entered: 36

Grand Nite Champion:

1st: Ch GrNtCh PR Nelsons Northern Mandy 2. O: Jeff Nelson, H: John Dunlavy, B&T, 725+

Nite Champion

1st: Nt Ch PR Trackman’s Night Ranger. O/H : Dallas Lasche, TW, 942 ˝.


1st: PR Bandit Bustin Pony Up. O: Ross Schults. H: Ross and Ron Schultz, TW, 775+

2nd: PR Yahara River Blue Banjo. O: Russ Ahrens. H: Jerry Ahrens, Blu, 250+

3rd: PR Klear Kry Psycho Minnie. O/H: Ken Risley, TW, 200+

4th: PR Grand River Almost Famous Amos. O: Mark Strelow. H: Kevin Strelow, TW, 150+

UKC Licensed Purina Points Bench Show
BSJ: Jeff Darge
Total Entered: 25

Grand Champion Male: NtCh GrCh PR Bums Treein Blue Patch, O: Russ Downing. H: Dan Downing, Blu

Grand Champion Female: GrCh Ingrams Koon Krazy Katie, O/H Teressa Ingram, Eng.

Champion Male: ChNtCh PR Overturf’s Skuna River Slinger. O: Dewey Overturf, H: Grant Noeske, TW

Champion Female: CFCh Maddog Psyco Sweet Pea. O/H: Savanna Brooks, Blu

BMOS: BR Bandit Bustin Dodge, O/H: Brooke Schultz, TW

BFOS: PR Grace’s Treein BLU Carly, O/H: Russ Downing, Blu

American Black & Tan
Junior Female: PR Tobak’s Rig-M-Up Miss Roxie. O/H: Deanna Tobak. BFOB

Bluetick Coonhound
Male Puppy: PR Downing’s Treein All Blu Duke, O/H: Dan Downing
Junior Male: PR Patch’s Treein Blue Billy Joe. O” Russ Downing, H: Colton Randecker. BMOB
Female Puppy: PR Treein Blue Tailgate Kate. O/H jeremiah Trzebiatowski
Junior Female: PR Grace’s Treein Blu Carly.O/H Russ Downing. BFOB

Plott Hound
Junior Male: PR Tobak’s Running To San Diego. O/H Deanna Tobak. BMOB

Redbone Coonhound
Male Puppy: PR Blue Ribbon Winner. O/H: Elizabeth Kuhls. BMOB
Female Puppy: PR K&Ds Rave Rockin Roxie, O/H: Elizabeth Kuhls
Junior Female: PR Red Fever Shake Rattle N Roll, O/H: Aubrey Butler. BFOB
Senior Female: PR Beartrack Lucky Cherry. O: jJck Marheine, H: Becky Marheine

Treeing Walker Coonhound
Male Puppy: PR Bandit Bustin Dodge, O/H Brooke Schultz. BMOB