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PREMIER Dock Jumping Finals Results
Posted on 08/04/2014 in Dog Events.

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Dock Jumping Finals
Sunday, June 15
Photo Credit, Thomas Photography, Thomasphotography1@gmail.com

Novice Finals

1st Patton, German Shepherd Dog, owned by Danielle Etzel of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

2nd Midge, American Pit Bull Terrier, owned Kimberly Allison of Hickory, North Carolina.

3rd Zeppie, German Shorthaired Pointer, owned by Sarah & Aimee McDougall of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Junior Finals

1st Boudin, Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, owned by Jonathann Ashford of Dover, Delaware.

2nd Banner, Border Collie, owned by Jennifer Wahlund of Aurora, Illinois.

3rd Gracie, Golden Retriever, owned by Karrie Nasers of Battle Creek, Michigan.

4th Felony, American Bulldog, owned by Juquita Monteith of Bethel, Ohio.
5th Slyder, Border Collie, owned by Michelle Abdo of St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

Senior Finals

1st Staccato, German Shorthaired Pointer, owned by Sarah & Aimee McDougall.

2nd Kemo, White Shepherd, owned by Beth Crawford of Naples, Florida.

3rd Hank, Labrador Retriever, owned by Mike Seedorf of Burlington, Michigan.

4th Dublin, AMB, owned by Jacob Haring of Portage, Michigan.
5th Rogue, Australian Cattle Dog, owned by Debbie Holmes of Luling, Texas.

Master Finals

1st Molly, Labrador Retriever, owned by Emily and Robert Gaston of Okeana, Ohio.

2nd Rage Silver, Labrador Retriever, owned by Lori Trine of Bronson, Michigan.

3rd Siren, Dutch Shepherd, owned by Linda Ringle of Lansing, Michigan.
4th Finnegan, Labrador Retriever, owned by Jan Hicks of Elgin, Illinois.
5th Spirit, Border Collie, owned by Russ Scott of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
6th Kayla, Golden Retriever, owned by Jacque & Ray Sperlbaum of Powder Springs, Georgia.

Ultimate Finals

1st Storie, Labrador Retriever, owned by Ronalee & J.D. McKnight of West Milton, Ohio.

2nd Kady, Labrador Retriever, owned by Candi & Norman Brown of Saginaw, Michigan.

3rd Crash, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, owned by Chip Baker of Shelby Township, Michigan.

4th Forest, Labrador Retriever, o wend by Anna Borovich of Commerce Township, Michigan.
5th Cash, Dutch Shepherd, owned by Larry Pickett of Lansing, M