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Out On A Limb – November
Posted on 11/09/2010 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

By November 1, we should be scheduling UKC licensed hunt tests to be run on squirrel. We finally got all the details worked out and there were some challenges along the way. The biggest challenge had to do with the fact that the Cur and Feist dogs were most likely the only hunting dog segment at UKC that would earn HTX certificates on two different types of game.

As the idea of hunt tests spills over to the other hunting dog groups at UKC, we envisioned only one hunt test title, if you will, that being the HTX suffix that appears at the end of a dog’s name. The same suffix will appear regardless of whether a dog earns its hunt test certificate on rabbits, ducks or squirrels. That’s not going to be much of an issue to a Beagler as he’s only running his dogs on rabbits. And when you see an HTX suffix on a retriever, you can rightfully assume the title was earned on ducks. Not so with the Cur and Feist dogs. The certificate could have been earned on squirrel or coon, and it’s anybody’s guess.

When you earn an HTX certificate on your dog, you actually receive a certificate from UKC that looks very similar to a Nite Champion or Show Champion degree. Those certificates that you receive will indicate whether the HTX was earned on squirrel or raccoon. Only those passes received on squirrel will count towards the squirrel certificate, and vice versa. Just to be clear, if you earn two passes on raccoon and one pass on squirrel, your dog will not receive an HTX certificate. You will have to earn three passes on one or the other before you receive an HTX certificate.

Multiple certificates will still be indicated by a number following the HTX, and squirrel and coon certificates will not be differentiated between when it comes to the suffix. So, for example, if your dog has already earned an HTX certificate on coon, and you go and pass him three more times on squirrel, then his suffix title will read HTX2.

Next month we will go into greater detail on how to go about scheduling a hunt test or finding a hunt test in your area.

At UKC our two large fall coonhound events are behind us now. We were very fortunate to have really nice events for Autumn Oaks and the Coonhound World Championship. We had a lot of entries, no controversies, and some very deserving winners. I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this really busy period for United Kennel Club.

The next order of business for me is going to be to use up a little vacation time and get out with the dogs for a few days every week. I hope you are thinking along the same line!