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Out On A Limb – May
Posted on 05/09/2010 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

The 2010 UKC World Squirrel Dog World Championship is in the record books, and I want to congratulate Steve Bryan and Bryan's Bigoak Sadie on their hunt win, along with Bruce Hill and CH Hill's Rose on their show win. Way to go! The complete results are featured in this issue. A full listing with pictures is currently on UKC's website along with an awesome video spotlight that you need to see. I hope everyone had a wonderful time. The Johnson County Club, as expected, did a wonderful job hosting this year's event. With this year's event being larger than the last, it will only get bigger and better as we move forward .As your club is setting the dates for future hunts, please consider hosting a UKC World Qualifying Event for the 2011 World Hunt. The 2011 location is yet to be determined, so if your club is interested be sure to contact us.

As we are looking into the future of the UKC Squirrel Dog Program, we need your input or ideas rule changes considerations. We normally take considerations or ideas for the rules every couple of years and determine if any changes may be needed as a new rulebook is usually printed every two years, with the last one being 2008.

One of the things that I have been asked to consider is a stationary rule. There is currently a rule for this in the Coonhound Division. This rule is found under the Dogs will be Scratched section. Basically, this rule was put in place for handlers who would not call their dog treed for fear of him leaving and drawing minus points. It reads as follows: If handler fails to declare treed a dog that is obviously treeing (Judge's Decision) for a period of five minutes. Dog may be declared treed while five is running but not after the five has expired. Judge must verify dog to be at a tree before it can be scratched. I'm not sure how this would work in our squirrel dog events. What's your thought on this one?

Another one that I have been asked to consider is to change the amount of minus points it takes before a dog is scratched from the cast. Currently it reads (if a dog has a total of 300 minus points, regardless of how many plus points the dog has) and some have asked to change it to 400 minus points. Again think about these and any other changes you would like to be considered and let us know.

Until next month, I'll see you out on a limb.