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Out On A Limb – January
Posted on 01/09/2010 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

Wow! I can’t believe the year 2009 has gone. It seemed just a couple of months ago I was writing the January ‘09 column and letting everyone know that my New Year’s resolution was to go on a diet. The bad thing is the diet (might) have lasted to the first of February if you don’t count the weekends. This year I’m not even going to try to make one.

I hope your hunting season is going great. Everyone that I have talked to has been treeing a few and having a good time. Always remember it’s not the amount you tree but the fun you have while doing it and always save some for next year.

My local club held a WQE on November 7, and a good time was had by all. Cliff and Alex Robinson, with the help of Anthony Graff, managed to get three of their dogs qualified for the UKC World Hunt. Way to go, guys! I also met Mack McClain for the first time and he is a super nice guy who, from what I was told, has a very nice little dog as he placed second in the hunt.

The winners were:

1st: SGCH Ledbetter’s Alabama Rip, Treeing Cur, Rex Ledbetter, Opelika, Alabama
2nd: Mack’s Coal Mtn Coolwhip, Treeing Feist, D. Mack McClain, Cumming, Georgia
3rd : TRCH SQCH Cahaba River Pontiac, Treeing Cur, Austin Allen Robinson, Lawley, Alabama, handled by Anthony Graff
4th: Robinson’s Palin, Treeing Feist, Cliff Robinson, Lawley, Alabama
5th: Ludy’s Prince Razza-Ma-Tazz, Treeing Feist, David M. Rudd, Maylene, Alabama
6th: Cahaba River Seeker, Treeing Cur, Clifton Robinson, Lawley, Alabama
7th: Cahaba River Doc, Mountain Cur, Todd McCarver, Alabaster, Alabama

If you want to hunt in one of the top World Squirrel Hunts of 2010, be sure to get qualified for this year’s UKC World Hunt. It will be one that you don’t want to miss. As stated previously, the Johnson County Houndsmen’s Club of Franklin, Indiana is hosting it March 20, 2010, and with this great group of guys heading up the event it will be something special. There will be qualifying events all the way up until the day before the hunt. The host club is having a morning and afternoon WQE on that Friday, March 19. Be sure to get qualified so you can be a part of this great event. Anyone hosting a WQE or any UKC hunt or show, please send me the results and pictures too and I will post them in this article.

In last month’s article I added a write-up from Frank Pierce about his experiences hunting with Mr. John Carter. I mentioned that Frank was attending Auburn University and a member of the Auburn University Houndsmen’s Club which is in its second year. Frank also wrote an article for this club that was in last month’s Full Cry. Please take time to read his article on this wonderful club. Maybe other clubs like this will start developing at other universities across the U.S. as we need all the help we can get today in keeping the sport of hunting with hounds alive and well.

Until next month, I’ll see you out on a Limb.