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Out On A Limb – February
Posted on 02/09/2011 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship
March 10-12, 2011

The UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship is right around the corner, and I thought we might go over some of the details and changes for this year so we don’t catch anybody by surprise. Please refer to the ad on page 237; additionally the UKC office will be sending out reminders to all those qualified in hopes that no one who intends to send in an entry forgets!

The event will once again be held at the Johnson County Horse Park near Edinburgh, Indiana. This is the home of the Johnson County Houndsmen, and it’s a good one. They have a nice facility with a kitchen that is perfect for this size of an event. It also sits right in the middle of very good squirrel hunting, and this very active club has no shortage of good guides when it comes to putting casts into squirrels. I really enjoyed my trip down to this club last year and am looking forward to returning.

The first change to report is that this year’s event will begin Thursday afternoon with a Last Chance Qualifier. We are only going to run one last chance qualifier this year, instead of two, and the deadline to enter that will be 1 p.m. The fee will be $20. A 1 p.m. start gives everyone who is driving plenty of time to find us. And hopefully we will get a full report of 10 additional dogs eligible for (and entering) the World Championship. Remember that the World Championship Hunt is open only to those dogs who have qualified by placing in the Top Ten at a UKC licensed World Qualifying Event (WQE).

The actual World Championship will get started with a 9 a.m. entry deadline on Friday morning. The entry fee for the hunt is set at $30. The later deadline will allow more time for those driving in the morning of the event. The fact that we are starting on Friday allows us to do this and will make the weekend much more relaxed for dogs and handlers. First round plus point cast winners will draw back out Friday afternoon for round two. Those plus point cast winners from round two will be drawn out Saturday morning for round three.

Saturday morning’s entry deadline will be determined at the event and will be based on how many dogs we still have left in at that point. For the most part, the hunting time for each round will be also. We are planning on 120-minute casts throughout the World Championship, but will make adjustments if we feel it is necessary in order to get all our rounds in.

Saturday afternoon will be the judging of the World Cur/Feist Bench Show Championship. The deadline to enter that will be 2 p.m., and the entry fee will be $20. Remember that the World Championship Bench Show is an open entry event. You do not need to be qualified, and you do not need to have the dog entered in the hunt portion of the event, so you can come on out and enter that good-looking, well made Cur/Feist dog that you own.

Again we will have nice trophies and prizes. And, though I may be a little biased, I think the event coverage and photo recognition for the UKC World Championship is second to none. The video that I shot at last year’s World Championship can still be found on the UKC website along with photos of all last year’s winners. Go to www.ukcdogs.com and check it out, and you will see what I mean.

At the time this column goes to print, about one half of this year’s WQE’s have been completed. We have an outstanding group of dogs eligible to compete so far and will be adding more in the next two months. Take a look at the following list and see if you have any favorites that will be in attendance.
We hope to see everyone in March, and look forward to the largest entry to date for the UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship!

Dogs Qualified For The 2011 UKC World Championship
As Of 12/31/2010

Dog’s NameBreedOwner
Treeswitch PearlMt. CurDustin Spaw, Edinburgh IN
TRCH SQCH CH Clay’s Amazing Red BullTr. CurBucky Jeffrey, Madison IN
SQCH Keith’s BlackieTr. CurTed Keith, Seymour IN
SQCH Roarks Ky True BlueTr. CurSonny Roark, Hillsboro KY
SQCH Barnett’s JennaTr. FeistBritt Barnett, Hodges SC
Garnetts Coldwater Creek AceTr. CurTheodore Garnett, Elberton GA
Ricard’s RedTr. FeistRobbie Ricard, Lexington SC
Argo’s Mtn MosesMt. CurJames Mays, McCalla AL
SQCH Ludy’s Prince Razza-Ma-TazzTr. CurMike Rudd, Maylene AL
BelleTr. FeistRickey Currey, Sterrett AL
Soggy Bottom BellTr. CurKent McCray & Billy Dowdle, Brent AL
Cahaba River DocMt. CurTodd McCarver, Alabaster AL
SQCH NITE CH TRCH CH Cahaba River SeekerTr. CurClifton Robinson, Lawley AL
NITE CH TRCH SQCH GR CH Cahaba River PontiacTr. CurAustin Robinson, Lawley AL
Heartland FancyMt. CurTodd Lambert, Centerville IN
Warvel’s StubbyTr. CurDick Warvel, Fountain City IN
Mighty MickeyTr. FeistTim McCool, Huntington IN
Sand Creek Boone DockMt. CurAnthony Porter, Greenburg IN
Smooth Talking PeteTr. CurRodney Hill, Greenville OH
Indiana ShebaTr. FeistL.B. Chapman, Huntington IN
SQCH CH NITE CH Hitchcock’s TorqueTr. CurJames Hitchcock, St. Paul IN
Wolfe’s CharcoalTr. CurRandy Wolfe, Fountain City IN
B&S Polar BearMt. CurGary Brown/Merle Seeley, Stamping Ground KY
Muffs HopeMt. CurMuff Cody, Morgantown IN
SQCH Joe MoneyTr. CurJeff Jewell/Tim Jewell, North Vernon IN
Inabnitt’s Peggy SueMt. CurJason Inabnitt, Bargersville IN
Heartland RudyMt. CurTodd Lambert & Dwight, Lambert, Centerville IN
GR NITE CH GR CH Glasgow’s Grassy Fork Rube HTX2Tr. CurSteve Glasgow, Brownstown IN