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Out On A Limb – February
Posted on 02/09/2010 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

The month of February is upon us and for many it means that small game hunting is in full blast. Here in Alabama, deer season was over January 31, and small game hunting continues through February 28. This is when most squirrel hunters get to hunt land that was forbidden while deer season was in. I hope everyone is having a great time. I always set aside time during February to help assist or take youth on hunting trips. Be sure to take a youth when possible as they are the future of our sport.

In previous columns, I have asked for you to send me a write-up on your dogs and some of their accomplishments. I noticed that Loyd Frisbie had finished his Black Mouth Cur named Lady to a Grand Squirrel Champion, so I called him and asked him to write a little about her that we could share with our readers. For those who may not know Loyd, he lives in the state of Michigan and his kennel is known as Pine River Kennel. Loyd wrote the following which includes his start with the Black Mouth Curs by purchasing his first pup, Cry, and what she has also accomplished.

“I had been hunting squirrels with a Feist for a few years and decided I wanted a dog that was more of a coon and squirrel combination dog. My goal was to find a breed that could drift a track and tree lay up game like the Bluetick Coonhounds I used to hunt. I searched for quite awhile and found the Black Mouth Curs bred by L.H. and Curt Ladner. My wife and I headed off to southern Mississippi to L.H. and Curt Ladner’s place. We brought home a male named Chief and a little six-week-old puppy that my wife named Pine River Cry. My wife decided we would try keeping Cry in the house. She lives there to this day and is a real companion to my wife and me.

“I started taking Cry to the woods at nine weeks of age and really enjoyed it. Cry started treeing squirrels at 7˝ months of age and never looked back. I hunt Cry on both squirrel and coon and she is a real pleasure to hunt. I put Cry into the UKC Squirrel Hunts at the Chesaning, Michigan club starting at about 13 months of age. I guess you would have to say that she has done okay.

“Next we got another female puppy from L.H. and Curt Ladner that my grandson, Drew Frisbie, named Pine River Lady. Lady started treeing her own squirrels at six months of age. Lady lived in the house for a while until she drove my wife nuts so Lady lives out in the kennel. I have hunted Lady in some competition hunts on both coon and squirrel as well.

“All of my Ladner-bred Black Mouth Curs are good tree dogs and that is one reason I put them in the UKC hunts at young ages. I have always hoped to see more of the Ladner-bred Black Mouth Curs in UKC competition events. My grandson Drew has a young male out of my Lady female that he calls Pine River Copper that he plans on putting in some UKC events in the near future.”

Again as a reminder the 2010 UKC World Squirrel Hunt will be in Franklin, Indiana, and hosted by the Johnson County Houndsmen’s Club, Saturday, March 20. If you have not qualified yet make plans now as time is running out. There will also be two qualifying hunts on Friday prior to the World Hunt to insure your chances of getting in. Until next month, I’ll see you out on a Limb.

GR NITE CH CH GRSQCH NKC NITE CH GRSCH Pine River Cry (Ladner’s Rambo II x Ladner’s Sissy II), also owned by Loyd C. Frisbie, is shown here with handler Hunter Frisbie.

GRSQCH CH NITE CH NKC SQCH CH Pine River Lady (Ladner’s Rambo II x Ladner’s Queen V), owned by Loyd C. Frisbie of Vestaburg, Michigan.