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Now is the time to schedule Hunt Tests!
Posted on 04/09/2014 in HTX = Coondog.

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Paul Frederick

Now is the time to schedule Hunt Tests! I know it seems like I say that, or something similar to that, nearly every month, but it is especially true this month. Now that spring is right around the corner (we all dearly hope), it is the time to get your Hunt Test schedule worked out with your club and get them scheduled in our system.

When scheduling Hunt Tests, we try to make it as simple as possible. All Hunt Tests can be scheduled right from our website, www.ukcdogs.com. If you go to the Coonhounds page, you’ll see a link to the HTX Schedule, Rules, and Forms. From there just click the “Schedule a Hunt Test in My Area” link, and you’re good to go (www.ukcdogs.com/HuntTest.nsf/WebSchedule?OpenForm).

When working on your schedule, remember that Hunt Tests have no mileage conflicts (like other licensed events), and they can be scheduled for any night of the week. Your club can decide your entry fee and entry deadline and put them both in right on the website. You also need to put a contact person and directions to your already-established clubhouse.

After all that is completed, just hit ‘submit’ and your club is ready to hold a Hunt Test. If you would like your event in COONHOUND BLOODLINES, you need to submit it to the website at least 60 days before the event. If you are satisfied with your event just being on the website, you must submit your Hunt Test date 30 days prior to the hunt test.

As of late there has been a little confusion about the time for a hunt test. Several people have misunderstood the “one-hour” rule and think it’s merely an overall time limit or a suggestion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When in a Hunt Test, the dog (hound or cur) has to complete the entire hour of hunting time. The only exception would be if the dog commits two of the standard faults (or the same fault twice) and is scratched. In any other scenario though, you must hunt the full hour.

Maybe you have a good night and tree two or three coon in 45 minutes. Even in this scenario, you must turn your dog loose for the remainder of the hunt. This is to ensure that: 1. every dog is hunted the same amount of time; and 2. the dog does not commit two standard faults in an hour. By hunting any less than an hour, you are not only disregarding the plain rule of the Hunt Test, you are also lessening the value of the pass on your own dog.

At the end of the Hunt Test, if the dog is trailing and has not yet treed a coon, the hour may be extended by 15 minutes to allow the dog to finish his track, but the hour may never be shortened.

If you have any questions or comments about the Hunt Test program or the HTX title feel free to give our office a call!

Upcoming Hunt Tests

As of March 5, 2014


April 3, April 10, May 8, May 15, May 22, Waldron AR, Scott County CHA, Bobby Cagle, 479-207-3789


April 3, Marshall IL, Marshall CHC, Jeff Murphy, 217-251-8096


April 4, May 16, June 6, Silver Lake IN, Sportsmen & Farmers Conservation Club, Jeff Humble or Roger Webb, 574-328-0170 or 260 352-2979

April 5, Heltonville IN, Southern Monroe Conservation Club, Ed Robertson, 812-272-7713

April 11, May 16, June 6, Morgantown IN, Ace Coon Club, Steve Shireman, 317-919-7845


April 14, May 12, Cecilia KY, Cherry Tree Coon Club, Bobby Green, 270-273-0523


April 3, Holden MO, Johnson County CHA, John Davis, 816-739-7013

April 5, Poplar Bluff MO, Butler County CHC, Thomas Hudson, 573-714-2673

April 17, Bourbon MO, Crawford County CHA, Gene Payne, 573-732-4989 or 573-259-2181


April 4, Sinclairville NY, Southern Tier Coon Hunters, Jamie Stein, 716-785-4802

April 25, May 16, June 13, Van Etten NY, Chemung County CHA, Herschel Burt, 570-596-2149


April 7, May 5, Albemarle NC, Big Oak Coon Club Inc., David Gardin, 704-985-0988

April 8, Vale NC, NC Tri-County Coon Club, Stephen Creason, 704-400-9529


April 4, Convoy OH, Van Wert Co Coonhunters, Seth Isch, 260-701-2137

April 5, May 3, June 7, Glouster OH, Trimble Twp Coonhunters, Dave Mayles, 740-767-2572

April 5, May 3, Lisbon OH, Lisbon Area CHC, Mathew Gearin, 330-692-2140

April 10, April 14, New Philadelphia OH, Tuscarawas County Coon Club, Damon Shivers, 330-440-1306

April 12, May 10, June 14, July 19, August 9, September 13, October 11, Yale OH, Portage County CHC, Bill Livengood, 330-221-3588

April 15, Willard OH, Huron Valley CHA, Ralph Kennard, 419-935-0808

April 18, May 16, Middlefield OH, Geauga County CHA, Chuck Waid, 330-507-1089


April 4, Fort Cobb OK, Washita Valley Coonhunters, Kenneth Pack, 580-704-3507

April 12, Stillwater OK, Chisholm Trail CHA, John Thornton, 405-377-3797

April 12, Watts OK, Illinois River CHA, Jerritt Newberry, 479-848-1202/479-466-6288

June 20, October 17, Chickasha OK, Grady County CHA, Rodger Crawford, 580-641-2243


April 3, McClure PA, Union County Coonhunters, Bill Lash, 717-543-5896