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November Full Circle
Posted on 11/09/2010 in Full Circle.

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Jed Nichols

Hunt Cancellation Policy

Since we are now turning the corner from summer to fall, with winter close on its heels, I thought this would be a good month to touch base on our hunt cancellation policy. In light of last winter’s harsh snowstorms wreaking havoc throughout the Midwest, we received many early Monday-morning phone calls regarding whether or not clubs had the right to cancel a hunt last minute due to weather and poor conditions.

With the chance of bad weather sweeping through the states on any given weekend, sooner or later it may end up falling on one of your clubs’ hunt dates. The question that usually gets asked is, “Can’t we just have one of the club members stay at the grounds and let participants know as they arrive that we are cancelling the hunt?” The answer is no. It is not acceptable for clubs to cancel a hunt last minute because of unfavorable weather conditions.

Let’s look at this logically for a minute. How many times over the years has your club really had “bad” weather fall on one of your scheduled hunt dates? I would have to say that most would agree that they can only remember once or twice ever, at the most.

Is it acceptable, then, to have a one- or two-dog cast? Yes. If, due to lack of entries because of weather conditions, you only have one or two entries, the club is still required to provide guides and judges for the casts.

What should we do if we only have one entry for a category? Does the participant judge his or her own dog if we are having a Hunting Beagle event? The answer is no; the club needs to keep in mind that in the case of one-dog casts, they would need to assign a non-hunting judge right from the get-go. Clubs holding Performance Pack events that find themselves in this position need to remember that they still need to provide guides and judges for each category that meets the minimum entry requirements based on the rules outlined in 11(c) of the Performance Pack rulebook.

The key here is that under no circumstances may a club cancel a hunt. If the weather is so bad that no participants show up, fine, no hunt. From time to time it may happen (but not often). The problem arises when someone does show up for the event and there are no club members present because they didn’t think it was fit to have the hunt. When a participant does show up, then they need to have the opportunity to hunt. It’s of the utmost importance that people be able to trust the Upcoming Events list so that they are willing to get in their truck and know that they will have a chance to hunt at the end of that long drive.

2011 World Qualifiers

Any UKC-recognized Beagle clubs that are currently not, but would like to hold a Hunting Beagle World Qualifying event for the 2011 World Hunt need to request to do so in writing and send their request to UKC Beagle Field Operations at 100 East Kilgore Rd, Kalamazoo MI 49002. A written request will not guarantee that your club will get to hold a WQE in 2011, but a written request will increase the odds.
The number of entries a club usually draws, the location of the club, and whether or not the club has or can supply a licensed Master of Hounds are just a few of the deciding factors as to whether a club will get to host a World Qualifying event or not. Written requests will be considered on a first come basis, and clubs are restricted to one WQE per year, with the exception of the World Championship host club possibly having up to two. Written requests received no later than January 1, 2011, will be considered for hosting a qualifying event in 2011.

Black Gold State Race Runoffs

With the end of the year approaching fast, I wanted to remind clubs that are interested in hosting a Black Gold State Race Runoff that they need to send their request in writing to the above mentioned address to be considered.

Performance Pack clubs that would like to hold the runoff for their respective state need to keep in mind that in order to be eligible, their state must hold six or more UKC Licensed Performance Pack events per year. Clubs wishing to hold a Performance Pack state runoff will also need to have the runoff in February and be able to provide two judges per cast along with photos of the winners.

Clubs interested in holding a Hunting Beagle State Runoff will need to keep in mind that they will be required to host the runoff in March (or possibly the first week in April, at the latest), and be able to supply Non-Hunting judges for each cast and supply photos of the Junior and All-Age winners.
If your club would like to be considered for hosting a runoff, please send in your request as soon as possible so we can keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum.