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News Release: UKC Announces Performance & Conformation Events Rule Change
Posted on 01/06/2012 in DED News.

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For more information, contact the Dog Events Department, performance@ukcdogs.com
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Effective July 1, 2012

The Event Secretary is prohibited from handling any dog in an event in which they are serving in that capacity. Dogs owned by an Event Secretary may be entered in the event, but must be handled by a co-owner or other designated individual as long as that individual meets all other criteria for entering the class in which the dog is entered.

Event Managers may not enter any dogs in the event in which they serve in that capacity, nor may any dog be entered in an event that is co-owned by an Event Manager.

Event Chairpersons may enter and handle a dog in an event at the discretion of the event giving club. It is strongly recommended that event giving clubs restrict the Event Chair from entering or handling a dog in any event in which they serve in this capacity.

UKC statement regarding the Event Secretary rule change - January 6, 2012

Thank you for all of the passionate comments and posts on the UKC message boards and Facebook regarding the Trial Secretary Rule change that goes into effect on July 1st, 2012. These comments are very much appreciated as we value your input; however UKC would like to make it clear that this decision was not made because we question the integrity of UKC clubs, Trial Secretaries or Event Chairs.

This decision was made in the interest of the exhibitor and all UKC clubs. UKC events are growing year by year as is its exhibitor base. The duties of the Trial Secretary are becoming ever more demanding; to the point that shows and trials are not being run effectively. This decision was not based on one or two clubs or instances.

A Trial Secretary’s primary responsibility is to run the trial and to be available to exhibitors at all times for all reasons. Increasingly, clubs are submitting paperwork that is incomplete or missing integral information, judges are not getting copies of their books BEFORE they leave the event, exhibitors must wait to submit move-ups, class changes or submit day of show entries because Secretaries are not focusing on running the event, but rather on showing their dog(s) and that is unacceptable to UKC as an organization. One of UKC’s primary goals is to offer well run, consistent events at every UKC event.

To clarify Event Managers are not the same as a Trial Secretary. An Event Manager takes the place of the Trial Secretary and the Event Chair and must be approved by UKC to be an Event Manager. Event Managers are hired by a UKC club to manage their event for them.

To re-iterate UKC is not prohibiting a Trial Secretary’s dog from being entered in the event, just that the Trial Secretary may not handle a dog at that event and Event Chairs may continue to enter and exhibit dogs at any UKC event, it is the decision of the event giving club as to whether or not the Chair may enter and compete at the event. UKC is simply stating that if this situation can be avoided, it should be.

Thank you again for all of your comments. Please call or email us if you have any questions or further concerns and hopefully we can help your club alleviate some of those concerns.

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