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New HTX Titles
Posted on 04/15/2012 in HTX = Coondog.

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The following dogs have earned HTX titles since October 1, 2011

American Black & Tan Coonhound
Evans Annie Belle HTX, owned by Timmy Evans, Seligman, MO

Bluetick Coonhound
Impressive Midnite All Blue Willy HTX, owned by Kurt Miller, Albion, PA
Laneys Sugar Creek Blue Sally HTX, owned by Hunter or Danny Laney, Washburn, MO
North Star Blue Tiki HTX, owned by Rex or Trent Krough, Marshalltown, IA
Huck’s Smokey River Badger HTX, owned by Dwayne Huckelby, Dubre, KY
Taylor’s Wild Eyed Willie HTX, owned by Barry Taylor, Vale, NC
Hares Twin Rivers Lady HTX, owned by Rodney Hare, Neodesha, KS
Cutrights Bull Shoals Crook HTX, owned by Doit Cutright, Marshall, IL
Dows Lucky Blue Jody HTX, owned by LeRoy Dow, Hidalgo, IL
Natural Smokey River Ruby HTX, Marcus Leck, Neodesha, KS
Carolina Blue Nighttime Cowboy HTX, Donovan Ryan Pruitt, Dallas, NC
Homebrew Blue Cindy Lou HTX, Ronald L. or Jerrold O. Parker, Quenemo, KS
Timber Ridge’s Blue Striker HTX, Brock A. Stadler, Franklinville, NY
Uchtmans So Blue Luke B HTX, Matt Brookshire, Newburg, MO

English Coonhound
Thompsons Hillbilly Big Time Gun HTX, Janet Butcher or Dean Thompson, Portland, IN
Rhoades’s Treeing Red Rambo HTX, Mike Galebreath or Danny Rhoades, Conway, MO
Rolling Thunder Slam-Bam Katie HTX, Todd Roberts, Rhinelander, WI
Hardtime Ruby HTX, Robert L. Prater, Claypool, IN
Blue Boys Lucky Strike HTX, Trent Barber, Magnolia, IA
Har-Woods Thunder Bo HTX, Matt Higgins, Ash Grove, MO
Put ‘Em Up Rex HTX, Todd Roberts, Rhinelander, WI
Pine Knob Frosty HTX, Walt Raffle or J. D. McKeel, Hopwood, PA
Thunder Struck Super Scoop HTX, Lowell or Travis Dunkin, McCrory, AR
Rebels Trashy Woody HTX, Jesse Jones, Atwater, OH
Brown’s Gauley River Ike HTX, William Brown, Mt Nebo, WV
Wind Ridge Ghostly Tuff HTX, J. D. McKeel or Bruce H. Knopsnider, White, PA
Timber Blazin Toadal Hick HTX, Lucas or Tim Harvey, Mt Pleasant, PA
Cedar Swamp Macey HTX, William Pluger V, Bowler, WI

Redbone Coonhound
Wade’s Big Red HTX, Wade E. Kuhns, Lewistown, PA
Mann’s Timber Chopper Bear HTX, Craig M. Mann, Union, WV
Timber Chopper Sally HTX, Samuel D. Buff, Lincolnton, NC
Lash’s Keystone Red Rwdy Ruger HTX, William C. Lash, McClure, PA

Treeing Feist
Stinnett’s Treeing Dingo HTX, Jim Stinnett, Lake Village, IN

Treeing Walker
Ponders Lil’ Maries Ri. Molly HTX, Douglas Ponder, Dixon, MO
Taylor’s Hardtime Hammer HTX, Wilmer Taylor, Summersville, WV
Delaney Creek Candy HTX, Mark Lykins, Salem, IN
Sharptooths Lone Pine Babydoll HTX, Stephen E. or Jenkins, Artemas, PA
Brittain’s Orebank Cr Freckles HTX, F. Travis Brittain, Iron Station, NC
Bran-Jo Digger Sadie HTX, Eric Douglas, Seymour, MO
Charlies’ All Nite Polly HTX, Charles Hite, Ranson, WV
Johnson’s Sackett HTX, Maxie D. Johnson, Boiling Springs, SC
Buck Creek Tip HTX, Cody Evans or John Evans III, Bessemer City, NC
Daveys Tree Slaming Samantha HTX, G. R. Davey, Jr., Middletown, VA
Claussen’s Hurricane Katrina HTX, Matt Claussen, Wittenberg, WI
Cedar Brooke Johnny Ringo HTX, Keith Doering, Wittenberg, WI
Trackin N The Rain HTX, Mike Gibbons, Salem, IN
Harry’s Stylish Fancy HTX, David Griner, Wyandotte, OK

The following dogs have earned Multiple HTX titles since October 1, 2011

American Black & Tan Coonhound
Andersons Sally Can’t Dance HTX2, Ray Anderson, Edinburg, IN
Porteen’s Kate HTX3, Richard Porteen, Bailey, MI
Rough Springs Blackout Scout HTX2, Wes Seaborne, Horse Cave, KY
American Outlaws T Rex HTX3, Richard Porteen, Bailey, MI

Bluetick Coonhound
Franks Iron Blue Penny HTX2, David E. Putman, Millington, MI
Wolverton’s Southern Blue Bawls HTX2, Robert .T Wolverton, Honea Path, SC
Clear River Patchwoods Diesel HTX2, Oscar T. or John H. Smith, Pomeroy, OH
Racket Ridge Slim HTX2, Rocky Cundiff or Bradley Huckelby, Hodgenville, KY
Clear River Blue Diamond Jimmy HTX2, Oscar T. or John H. Smith, Pomeroy, OH
White River Blue Getter HTX12, Vallen L. or Katharine B. Nelson, Joplin, MO
Smokey River Git’r’done Maxy HTX2, Craig or Christie Cooper, Snow Camp, NC
Wales Beaver Flood Nightmare HTX3, James Wale or David Putman, Merrill, MI
Cross’ Blue Sugar HTX2, Corey Cross, Hopkins, MO
Maple River Blue Buddy HTX2, David Butler, St Johns, MI

English Coonhound
Main Streets American Outlaw HTX5, Mike Higginbotham, Ravenna, MI

Redbone Coonhound
Nightrain’s Red Junior HTX2, Garrett Black, Jr. or Carl Black, Morley, MI
Night Trains Red Izzy HTX2, Carl or Garrett Black, Jr., Howard City, MI
Fireballs Ranger HTX3, Marlin Martin, Carson City, MI
Watts Flats Jump’em Up Jeb HTX2, Adam M. Frary, Ashville, NY
L&L’s Rockin Red Rocket HTX2, Sammy Garmon, Burkesville, KY
Red Rolling Thunder HTX2, Kristin or Jeff Malone, Edinboro, PA

Treeing Cur
Glasgow’s Grassy Fork Rube HTX2, Marvin L. Hash, Freetown, IN
Walls Blue Bell HTX4, Carlos Wall, Edinburg, IN

Treeing Walker
Beard’s Olesouth Stylish Squaw HTX3, Chad or Todd Beard, Orangeburg, SC
Emi’s Hammering Hank Honest Abe HTX6, Vallen L. or Katharine B. Nelson, Joplin, MO
Strouds Bearmeat Preacher HTX2, Sammy Garmon, Burkesville, KY
Beard’s Hardwood Dixie Chic HTX3, Chad or Todd Beard, Orangeburg, SC
Yellow Branch Fever HTX3, Bill Starnes, Creal Springs, IL
Stone River Sly HTX2, Bryan Taylor, Madison, IN
Adams Tree Jamming Blazer HTX2, Sammy Garmon or Kevin Thacker, Burkesville, KY
Litchfield Hills Blaster HTX3, Wayne or Anna Moore, Simpson, IL
Parson’s Stylish Duece HTX2, Kelly J. Parsons, Racine, OH
Deep Hollows Outlaw Sneaky Pete HTX3, R. Jerry Leviner, Mullins, SC
Buffalo River Pedro HTX3, Eric C. Dodson, Asbury, MO
Hardwood Maniac Jr 4 HTX3, Jay Hyde, Etna Green, IN
Big Time Hammer HTX2, Chasity or Madison Scott, Summersville, KY
Chances Bill HTX3, Marty Chance, Tunnel Hill, IL
Beard’s Hardwood Dixie Chic II HTX3, Chad or Todd Beard, Orangeburg, SC
L&L’s Bearmeat Ruby HTX2, Sammy Garmon, Burkesville, KY
Grand Slam HTX2, Chad Beard or Curt Ahring, Orangeburg, SC
Beard’s Allgrand Rainman HTX2, Todd & Chad Beard, Orangeburg, SC
L&L’s Famous Little Emma HTX2, Sammy Garmon, Burkesville, KY
Honeyrun Ck Insane Angel HTX3, Wayne Hart, White House, TN
L&L’s Big Loud Kaboom HTX2, Sammy Garmon, Burkesville, KY