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Monetary Awards Announcement
Posted on 11/26/2013 in Coonhounds.

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Effective January 1, 2014

In today’s world even some of the stronger clubs find themselves looking for more avenues to generate entries and income. After much consideration, UKC has eliminated past restrictions on monetary awards for licensed events. Giving clubs more options is an effort by UKC to provide them with more opportunities and allows the club to decide what works best for them and their participants. Clubs will now have the following options when it comes to awards at their events.

Trophies - Trophies or plaques may be the most popular because they give winners a special memento by which to remember that hunt.

Poor Boy - Clubs may continue to choose Poor Boy events where no awards are given. Generally entry fees are lower for Poor Boy events. If the club chooses to not give awards they are strongly encouraged to note “Poor Boy” on the Event Confirmation form so it can be advertised as such.

Cash - Monetary prizes may be awarded. The club may choose to pay back entry fees or any other monetary prize of their choice to their event winner(s). Clubs choosing to include an added purse in their award package are encouraged to note “Added Purse” and the amount in the Special Instructions section of their Confirmation form when confirming the event for advertising purposes. The amount awarded and distribution of such is the sole responsibility of the club. The UKC will not enter into any disputes thereof.

Calcutta’s / Jackpots – In an effort to provide clubs another avenue to generate more income the UKC has approved for Calcutta’s or jackpots to be conducted in conjunction with a licensed event. Any such activity including distribution is the sole responsibility of the club. The UKC will not enter into any disputes thereof.

Laws / Tax Implications - The club must understand and be aware that there may be additional law and tax implications that they will need to adhere should they be interested in awarding monetary prizes or conduct any Calcutta type activities at their event. UKC cannot provide any legal advice or information regarding any additional laws and/or tax implications that may be associated with such activities, and is not responsible for any complications that may arise. Clubs are responsible for ensuring compliance on their own, and must know that they proceed at their own risk with any such activities.

Summary - Given these options clubs certainly have the opportunity to be creative when it comes to awards and the opportunity to raise more funds at their events. Most young or newer participants are tickled with any type of trophy for the new display case at home while the more seasoned hunter’s trophy room may already be overcrowded and would just as soon have a little cash return to put back in the gas tank. Clubs may consider having the text on their trophies be universal to where they are not date specific and can be used for any one of your events throughout the year. That way they could give the winner the option of a trophy, an entry fee refund (or some other amount of cash), gas card, free entry fee to a subsequent hunt at the club, etc…. The list could go on and on. If your club thinks they might draw a better entry if they gave out a cash award then you have that option. If you’d rather stick with trophies, so be it. You do what best suits/fits the club and/or your participants. UKC considers clubs hosting their licensed events as the backbone of the sport. Without them there is no sport so they need more available resources to keep their doors open. This policy change is geared towards that effort and allows them to decide what works best for them.

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