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May Full Circle
Posted on 05/09/2010 in Full Circle.

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Jed Nichols

Over the past few months, we have been noticing the same reoccurring problem on Beagle Single Registration forms. Most of them have everything filled out correctly and they are usually always completed and signed. However, being signed is only good if the signature is legible so that we can verify that the breed inspector is actually a UKC recognized breed inspector. Some people have signatures that are easy to make out, and others seem to have the signature of a doctor that is not so easy to read.

If you are a breed inspector and have a signature that is not easily legible, we ask that in the future you print your name above your signature. If you are using one of the old forms that does not have a designated line for you to print your name on it just put it next to your signature. The most recently revised forms now have a line for both the inspector’s printed name and their signature.

If you are a licensed Beagle Bench Show Judge, UKC has assigned you a Judge number and that will work just as well as printing your name next to the signature. Just put down your license number next to your signature and we can verify it that way. Some of you already do this, and it makes the process of verification very simple and quick when we have a signature that we can’t read. If you have misplaced your card or forgotten your Judge number, feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to issue you a new one and give you your number.

On another note, please do not forget that as a Beagle breed inspector when you sign off on a single registration form, you are stating that the Beagle in question does in fact meet the breed standard and does not exhibit any disqualifications. Following are the Disqualifications as per the official UKC Beagle breed standard: “Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid. Viciousness or extreme shyness. Overshot bite. Undershot bite. (Overshot or undershot is defined as having a visible gap between the upper and lower teeth.) Albinism. Deaf. Blind.”

• Inspecting a hound should not be done at a glance, we ask that you take a minute of your time and either have the owner show you or yourself check the dog’s bite to make sure that it is up to the breed standard.

• If you are inspecting a male dog, make sure that he has both testicles. If the dog is a unilateral (has only one testicle) or bilateral (has no testicles) cryptorchid, these are disqualifications that cannot be overlooked by our breed inspectors because in the long run it will negatively affect the gene pool of our breed.