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MO State Championship Results
Posted on 06/12/2012 in Coonhounds.

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Results of the Missouri State Championship are in! Thanks to Harry Harris for providing photos of the following winners.

2012 Missouri State Nite Hunt Champion: NITECH Wigger’s Boone Creek Eightball, Justin Wigger

2012 Missouri State Bench Show Champion: NITECH GRCH ‘PR' Preacher John The Rock, Mike Seets

Friday, June 8, 2012
Nite Hunt Results

1st - GRNITECH, Overbey’s Pearl, Kenny Overbey 100+

1st - NITECH Wigger’s Boone Creek Eightball, Justin Wigger 425+

Reg 1st MoJo’s Kiss, Wiseman/Richards 675+

Reg 2nd Payne’s Oak Ridge Chips, Danny Payne 225+

Reg 3rd Current River T-Bone Tom Bressie, H Lyndell Decker 175+

Saturday, June 9, 2012
Nite Hunt Results

GRNITECH Overbey’s Pearl, Kenny Overbey 475+

NITECH Utchman’s Moe Albert, Kevin Stone 900+

Reg 1st Barney Creek Brutus Ty Dupre 1025+

Reg 2nd Swampy Rat Sarah J Armes/K Hughes H Matt Ruch 625+

Reg 3rd Helton’s Get Gone Super Sport Bobby Helton 350+

Saturday Bench Show Winners

GRCH CH Male: NITECH GRCH ‘PR' Preacher John The Rock, Mike Seets

GRCH Female - Spanky's Bow Chicky Bam Bam Girl - Lory Galbreath

CH Male: Little Walnut Billy Graham - Vallen Nelson (center)

CH Female: KY MTN Karlie - Penny Jessup

Best Male of Show: Bam Bam's Cherokee Mountain Man - John Allen and Alan Bauer

Best Female of Show: Fox Creek Cedar - Ron and John Darrah

JR Male: Rowdy Ridge Okie Dokie - Buddy Ray or Katie Marten

JR Male: A+B Preacherman - John Allen and Alan Bauer

SR Female: Bieker's Barken Bobbie - Dean Wooley