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Looking Forward by Allen Gingerich
Posted on 11/08/2012 in Beagles.

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Allen Gingerich
Senior Director of Hunting Events

Many champions have proven their instincts and heritage since the early 90’s when Steve Fielder and Todd Kellam first started the UKC Hunting Beagle format. From there Todd Morgan played an instrumental role in its success. He implemented programs such as the Challenge Series, the Incentive Fund, the UKC’s newest format Performance Pack, the State Race program and others. These men never shied away from making necessary tweaks along the way in their goals of providing the best programs possible. Because of their foresight and aspirations the UKC beagle program has become largely successful by standards set within the industry. Today, UKC continues to provide a true test in several unique playing fields for those champions to come.

It’s with great interest, similar aspirations and goals of those pioneers that I accept the responsibility of leadership role for the beagle programs at United Kennel Club. In the same token I’ll expect that a few bad or unpopular decisions may come but not without trying to keep the best interest of the UKC and the sport at the forefront.

With the bustle of a busy fall schedule now behind us we look forward to 2013. We do in fact have several new changes coming up. The revamped Incentive Fund is one of those we are very pleased to introduce. With the support of the beaglers we are confident this change will be significant when it comes to its payouts.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact the office with any questions or comments regarding the following changes effective January 1, 2013.

UKC Policy Regarding Non Registered Dogs
Effective January 1, 2013, the United Kennel Club has approved a second option for non-UKC registered dogs to be eligible to participate in their events. This includes any UKC Licensed Beagle events in which entries are taken on day of show in both Hunting Beagle and Performance Pack formats.

Owners may choose to enter their dog(s) as Non-Registered Dog (NRD) for a fee of $3, in addition to the entry fee. Clubs must note any NRD entries taken on their Event Fee Worksheet (included in Event Packet) and include those fees with their Event Report to UKC.

In the event the dog entered places at the event the owner is given 60 days to single register the dog with the UKC. They must attach a copy of the win receipt(s) along with the single registration application and mail it to UKC. If the dog is not registered within 60 days of the event any points earned are expired. However, the owner may request the expired points be reinstated after the dog has been registered by submitting a copy of the win receipt(s) along with a fee of $50 to UKC Field Operations.

This policy allows a friendlier approach for beaglers interested in trying UKC Field Trials without being required to first single register their hound(s). They may, however, single register their dog at the event in accordance with single registration rules.

World Qualifying Event Placement Awards
The United Kennel Club will provide all clubs hosting a World Qualifying Event a First Place plaque to be awarded to their hunt winner. The owner of any dog placing at a WQE will receive an Achievement Certificate denoting the win courtesy of United Kennel Club. Additionally, the UKC will also send the owner of each placing dog a $20 Gift Certificate. It may be used towards UKC registration, UKC Administered event fees such as Nationals or World entries. Gift certificates may not be redeemed for the Incentive Fund, DNA or UKC Logo Wear.

Achievement and Gift Certificates will be mailed out to the owners after the Event Reports have been processed at UKC. Clubs hosting a WQE are not required to provide any additional trophies.

Incentive Fund Changes 2013
The Incentive Fund will be taking on some new changes effective in 2013. These changes are geared towards taking the per point value up to a higher level. All aspects of the Incentive Fund were looked at closely including all those numbers of the past three or four years. Some of which became quite obvious where a change would better benefit the owners participating in the program. We are confident that these changes will re-generate interest and allow for the program to grow to its potential. With those changes also comes an opportunity for those permanently nominated prior to January 1, 2013 to be nominated for both formats of the new separated Hunting Beagle and Performance Pack funds. Be sure to check out the revised rules here: http://www.ukcdogs.com/Web.nsf/News/UKCIncentiveFundRulesUpdat11082012090816AM

UKC Total Dog Program
Throughout the years there have been several changes made to the Total Dog Program. It seems no matter what changes were made, the program has been left with ongoing controversy and opinions of what a Total Dog should be. In any event, the UKC has decided to eliminate the Total Dog Program.

State Race Programs
After some great discussion of new ideas for the State Races with the Performance Pack Field Reps and officers of the NBPPA the decision was made to eliminate State Race Runoff effective for the 2012 State Races. Instead the Top Ten of each region will go directly to the National Runoff held on Friday at the UKC Performance Pack Nationals. Each State/Region Race winner will receive a buy to the second round of the National Runoff. At the conclusion of the calendar and prior to the Nationals, invitations will be mailed out to those owners whose dogs are eligible for the National Runoff.

State Runoffs and a National Runoff for the 2012 State Race Program will held as in previous years in the Hunting Beagle format. However, revisions are being made for this program that will go into effect in 2013. Due to a few details left to be ironed out at this time, we will need to save those announcements for the January Issues of American Beagler and COONHOUND BLOODLINES. Otherwise, any such announcements will be made on the UKC website prior to January 1, 2013.

Hunting Beagle World Championship
The 2013 World Championship will be held in Centreville, Michigan at the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds on the weekend of September 27th – 29th. The Kal-Val Beagle Club will host the event with guide support from several area clubs. This location provides a very central hub for those outlying clubs assuring all beaglers will have access to great running grounds without driving long distances.

Building 33, selected for this event, boasts a clean spacious room with an accommodating adjoining kitchen and the space needed to have everything, including vendors, inside. The city of Centerville comes with several great restaurants including several of the fast food kind. The town of Sturgis, 15 miles to the south offers the Regency Inn, Country Hearth Inn, American Inn and the Hampton Inn. Go three more miles south of Sturgis to Howe, Indiana where they offer the Travel Inn, Best Western PLUS, and a Holiday Inn Express. All of these hotels are within a minute or two of the Indiana 80/90 Toll Road.

It’s not too early to start looking at the WQE schedule. Get those hounds qualified and join us for what promises to be a fantastic 2013 Hunting Beagle World Championship!

2012 marked the 10th year for the Eliminator being held at the Three Rivers Beagle Club in Oakland City, Indiana. In fact, the event has become a very recognized household name. Although never guarded against the possibility of adverse weather conditions, it’s that first major of the year known to bring beaglers out of the woodworks.

The record number of dogs entered for this event was 224 in 2006. Unfortunately, the club has found themselves with a declining membership and struggling to find enough guides to put it on. They have decided it to be in their best interest to allow another club the opportunity. We take this opportunity to thank and applaud the Three Rivers Beagle Club on a great 10 year run with the Eliminator.

Although we have some ideas for it down the road we were interested in finding a club to host it for the upcoming year. So we looked towards a centrally located club that would be capable of handling the Eliminator. We found the Backwoods Beagle Club in Howard, Ohio to have a great facility with access to plenty of great running grounds nearby. And even more satisfying is the fact that they are a well-supported newer club just waiting for such an opportunity.

We are pleased that they have agreed to host the Eliminator in 2013. Even though it might be considered short notice for many clubs they welcome the proposition and are already working diligently towards making it an event you’ll not want to miss! Watch for further and complete details to come.