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July 2013 Employee of the Month
Posted on 07/01/2013 from the home page.

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Beth Anglemyer

Beth has been a UKC employee for a little over 4 years.

She earned her first Obedience and Agility titles on her Australian Shepherd UAGII UCD CH Starstuff's Foolish Behavior CDX, about 13 years ago in UKC. Since then she has always had a passion for the uniqueness of the UKC events and how they differ from those in other registries. She was working at a local pet supply store when a friend encouraged her to apply at UKC.

Beth works in the UKC Dog Events Department and is very active with the performance events as well as licensing of judges, and bringing in new and upcoming events. Beth has also been the Chief Conformation Ring Steward at PREMIER since 2009, and at UKC Gateway Nationals since 2010.

While Beth always enjoys helping the Dog Events customers on the phone, the thing she really loves about working at United Kennel Club is having the opportunity to go to PREMIER and Gateway and meet all of the people in person who she talks to on the phone. "It's like having one big family!" Beth said.

Beth has been raised with Australian Shepherds. She started out as a Pee Wee and has always had a passion for showing and training her own dogs as well as helping others. You’ll not often find Beth at an event without a dog or two in her hand!

Beth is still involved with the training and showing of her Australian Shepherds. She has recently started some young dogs and finished six dogs to their UKC CH in 2011. Beth's most recent accomplishment is earning her first ASCA bred-by, handled by Champion. Beth is also actively competing in some Agility, Rally Obedience, and Obedience trials with several of her younger dogs.

When Beth isn’t busy instructing obedience classes, training, grooming, or getting ready for a show, you can find her at the local dog park for some much needed winding-down time with the dogs and her 8-year-old nephew, who is an up-and-coming Junior!

Beth is so happy to be a part of the UKC Total Dog philosophy and is continually looking for any opportunity to embrace it! She hopes that the New Total Junior award will encourage UKC Juniors to be more familiar with the multiple activities UKC has to offer, and in turn have a better understanding of the Total Dog philosophy.