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January Full Circle
Posted on 01/09/2011 in Full Circle.

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Jed Nichols

Over the course of the last year or so we have, on a couple of different occasions, received phone calls from individuals complaining that they were at a Performance Pack trial and the host club had so and so judging and that they didn’t think that the person even had a judge’s card! When I hear that, it disturbs me greatly, to say the least. Granted, in some of those incidents, we found that the complainant’s statements held no water and that the named individual actually did have a valid PP judge’s license. On the other side of the coin, we found that some had valid concerns. The Performance Pack Rulebook, however, plainly states in Rule 3(a) that all judges must be UKC licensed PP judges. Furthermore, in Rule 3(b) it goes on to say that judges may be asked to present their judge’s card to the Master of Hounds before they are allowed to judge. Originally it was our thinking that Rule 3(b) would put an end to any concerns in the matter; it appears, however, that somewhere along the line either the MOH or the clubs have been a little too relaxed when it comes down to asking to see a judge’s license. It is not the club’s responsibility to make sure that all judges have a license on their person. That responsibility falls to the MOH. Then again the Rule does read “may” be asked, not “must” be asked.

We had to try to come up with the best possible solution to the problem, and I think we have. Without making things difficult and requiring that judges must present their card to the event official (MOH), there are really only a couple of ways to go about it. If we did require them to present their licenses, you would inevitably have the licensed judge who lost, misplaced or had his dog eat his license! Losing good licensed judges because they forgot or misplaced their card would not be a step in the right direction.

Beginning in January 2011, clubs holding Performance Pack events will see a new form in their PP event packets. This new form is simply going to be used to list the judges used that day. For a two-day event, you will have two judges listed, one for each day. The judges list form will be a mandatory requirement just like the Hunt Report and State Race form. These new forms will need to be sent in with the Hunt Report and will hold up the report from being processed if they are not included. The forms will need to be filled out and completed by the MOH and their signature will be required, along with at least one other club officer’s. The only names that should be on the form are the judges that were used to judge one or more casts and the signatures of the MOH and club officer.

The goal of these forms is to create an easy and accurate way of knowing that all the judges being used are licensed Performance Pack judges. Come January it will be the responsibility of the MOH to make sure that the list is accurate and clearly legible so that we can cross reference the judges’ names with the computer to verify that they are indeed licensed. We feel that this will be the simplest and most effective way to ensure that this is no longer an issue without requiring the MOH to ask every possible judge to present their judge’s card at the hunt.

If you have a question or a scenario that you would like to see covered in Full Circle, please send it in writing to Beagle Field Operations or e-mail it to Jed Nichols at jnichols@ukcdogs.com.