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January Full Circle
Posted on 01/09/2010 in Full Circle.

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Jed Nichols

Following are the remainder of the rule changes to the Hunting Beagle Program from last month that went into effect January 1, 2010. Note that the bold lettering indicates a rule change or an addition to a rule. If you have any questions regarding these changes to the Hunting Beagle program, please contact Jed Nichols, UKC, 100 East Kilgore, Kalamazoo MI 49002, or send an e-mail to jnichols@ukcdogs.com.

If there are any rule questions that you might have, whether they be Performance Pack questions, Hunting Beagle or otherwise that you would like to see addressed in Full Circle, please send them in writing or e-mail them to the above mentioned address.

• Rule 9 (Judge)

Addition to Rule 9 will state that the Judge will be official time keeper.

Clarification to Rule 3d

Apparently there has been some discrepancy as to whether or not you as a handler need to strike your dog back in on a split track. Some handlers have tried to use this situation as a loop-hole and there has not been anything in writing to keep them from doing so. As of January 1, there is an addition to Rule 3d that states when dogs are turned in on split track they must be re-struck in by handler on or before the third bark and will receive next available position.

Changes to Rule 6b (Dogs will be scratched)

Rule 6b will state that after first three minutes of the hunt, for failing to make any attempt to hunt within any continuous five minutes of the hunt. Cast will not move with dog(s) on clock. This addition to Rule 6 was added to get dogs scratched that do not hunt, and to keep handlers who own such dogs from taking a few steps this way or that way to keep their dog from staying on the clock. As a whole we feel that it will help eliminate me-too dogs and dogs that run track very well but lack the motivation to be a hunting Beagle.

Rule 6c will state if handler fails to strike his dog on or before the third bark, after the first three minutes of the hunt. (This rule to be rigidly enforced.)
Dog(s) having barked less than three times and not struck in prior to being handled; must be struck in on or before the third bark.

There has been quite a bit of concern pertaining to this rule and the fact that some are abusing it. Due to this concern the Rules Committee decided to clarify this rule with an addition. What does this mean for me as a handler, you might ask. This means that unless the dogs are handled (called by handlers or leashed) then three barks is three barks. It does not matter if you get two barks right in front of you, and then five minutes later you get a third bark 100 yards away, that dog needs to be struck in on or before the third or you will be scratched. The only exception to three barks being just that, three barks, is if the dogs are handled. Handled is defined as when the judge gives permission to the cast members to call their dogs or when the dogs are leashed. If the dogs are handled, your three barks will start over and you just need to strike in on or before the third bark.

• Changes to Rule 15b (General Information)

In 15b it will now state that at time rabbit is seen, Judge or majority of cast if hunting Judge is used, must decide whether to allow dog(s) to continue on trail or pick up dog(s) in order to find new ground or another rabbit. (Exception on split track: must be unanimous decision when Hunting Judge is used.)

UKC Hunting Beagle National Championship Rules (Revised)

At the Hunting Beagle Nationals, UKC will award the overall winner in the GRHBCH division with the title of NGRCH, and the overall GRCH in the show division the title of NGRSCH.

UKC Hunting Beagle World Championship Rules (Revised)

(Eligibility for Events will now contain the following)

Dogs may be entered in a UKC World Qualifying Event as “pending” only if the Beagle is single registered the day of the event in which they wish to enter, or if a single registration application has been sent to United Kennel Club within 45 days prior to the date of the event they wish to enter. Once permanent registration papers are received by registered owner, that dog can no longer be entered as pending.