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Inuagural Tennesse State Championship Huge Success!
Posted on 05/21/2012 in Coonhounds.

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Tennessee State Championship - Purina Points Event - Reports of the Inaugural Tennessee State Championship are in. The very capable and organized committee is commended and congratulated on the success of their inaugural event! Thanks to Ron Stroud for submitting the following results.

Tennessee State Nite Hunt Champion
Gr Nt Ch Zack Attack
O-H Matthew Dillon

Tennessee State Nite Hunt Opposite Sex
Nt Blackwater Stylisk Betty
O-Rick McGaha
H-Jimmy Stewart

Tennessee State Show Champion
Gr Ch Preacher John the Rock
O-Michael or Myra Seets
H-Michael Seets

Tennessee State Opposite Sex Show Winner
Ch Kentucky River Belle
O-H Lee Currens

Bench Show Friday
47 entries
BSJ Ralph Lawson

GR CH Male-Preacher John The Rock
O Michael & Myra Seets
H-Michael Seets

GR CH Female-Ben's Creek Southern Kat
O-H John Boyter

CH Male-Southern Flames Grt Balls of Fire
O-Cynthia Grooms & Gerald Black
H- Cynthia Groome

CH Female-Kentucky River Belle
O-H- Lee Currens

Best of Show Male-Ben's Creek Southern Banjo
O-H- John Boyter

Best of Show Female- Sideshow JJ's Sunnyside
O- Leslie & Eric Brooks

Nite Hunt Friday
Entries 94
MOH Ron Stroud

GR CH- Zack Attack 500+
O-H Mathew Dillon

1st Nt CH-Blackwater;s Stylish Betty-400+
O- Rick McGaha
H- Jimmy Stewart

2nd Nt Ch-Chesser's Hardtime Swamp Goose 375+
O-J. C. Haney
H-Keith Richie

1st Place Reg-Smoky Mtn Dolly 350+
O- Gene Wolfendarger
H- Marty Bollinger

2nd Reg-Bullet's Midnite Streaming Spooky-150+
O-H Tim Longmier

3rd Reg- Greene's Late Nite Hooker-150+
O-Tony Greene
H- Steven Sutton

4th Reg-Reagans Moonshine Molly-75+
O-Rodney Regan
H-Andy Lychlyter

5th Reg-Owenby's Insane Hissy Phitt-50+
O-Bobby & Dixie Owenby
H Bobby Owenby

Bench Show Saturday
Entries 47
BSJ Mike Bryant

GR CH Male Preacher John the Rock
O-Michael or Myra Seets
H-Michael Seets

GR CH Female-Kentucky River Southern Belle
O-H Lee Currens

CH Male- Kentucky Mtn Moonlight Diamond
O-Penny or Jody Jessup
H-Penny Jessup

Ch Female-Kentucky River Bella
O-H Lee Currens

Best of Show Male-Shawnee Hills Shades of Carbon
O-H H.L. Myers Jr.

Best of Show Female- West Fork River Gossip Girl
O-H Melinda Hicks

Nite Hunt Saturday
Entries 66
MOH Ron Stroud

Gr NT CH Zack Attack-1175+
O-H Matthew Dillon

NT CH- Flatrock Stylish Flirt-975+
O-Charles Baker
H-Kevin Phillips

1st Reg-Gander's Awsome Annie-400+
O-H Randy Steadman

2nd Reg-Cotton Eyed Trampus-350+
O-H Scott Trent

3rd Reg-Overby's Insane Hissy Phitt-303 1/3 +
O-Bobby & Dixie Overby
H- Bobby Overby

4th Reg-Garland's Ringing Bell-275+
O-Darrell Garland
H-Houston Garland

5th Reg Cameron's Little Red Rally-150+
Toby Cameron
H-David Peavler

6th Reg-Kirkland's Hardknocking Chug-125+
Sam Kirkland & Tyler Kirkland
H-Sam Kirkland

7th Reg- Greene’s late Nite Hooker-100+
O-Tony Greene
H- Steven Sutton

8th Reg-Pocket Rocket Sassy-100+
O-Ron Mosier
H-Johnny Royston