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Introducing UKC Cur & Feist Program Advocates Newlin and Rosenbarger
Posted on 11/10/2016 in Cur & Feist.

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The United Kennel Club is pleased to present Allen Rosenbarger and Joe Newlin to serve as advocates for the UKC Cur & Feist programs. Both individuals are active in this field and come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. One of their roles will be to chair a Cur & Feist Advisory Committee to work with all clubs and hunters around the country. Newlin will take on special interests towards the Cur breeds community and Rosenbarger will place special interest towards the Feist breeds, while also working in coalition with each other and the United Kennel Club.

UKC appreciates their motivation and experience and looks forward to working with both. Please join us in welcoming Joe Newlin and Allen Rosenbarger with an email or a few comments on the UKC Cur & Feist forum. We think you’ll find them an inspiration to work with.

Joe Newlin
Silver Lake, Indiana

For the past 40+ years Joe Newlin has been involved in hunting with dogs. It started with pointing dogs and progressed to hounds and beagles. About 10 years ago he started hunting with Original Mountain Curs. Joe’s love of hunting with hounds has led him down many roads. He is one of the co-founders of the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance, a co-producer of the first and up to this point only nationally broadcast TV show focused on hunting with hounds and tree dogs, and most recently a founder of the only national organization to represent hound and tree dog hunting, the National Hound and Tree Dog Association.

A good portion of his adult life has been aimed at preserving and promoting hunting with dogs, with a special attention to hounds and other tree dogs. During this time Newlin has competed with hounds at the local, state, and national levels, which also includes his cur dogs during the past 10 years. His experience with competition hunts provided him with a network of friends and competition hunters and a strong base of knowledge that makes him a solid advocate for a leadership role, as it relates to the United Kennel Club Cur & Feist Program.

Newlin states; “I know that there are many folks that own Cur and Feist hounds but don’t have the opportunity to participate in competition events, and might not feel fully represented. My hope is to become a positive spokesperson for Cur and Feist hunters across the country. I look forward to working hand in hand with UKC in expanding the opportunities to compete with our dogs, to grow the World Championship to a prestige that it deserves, to expand and grow the Cur and Feist Days hunts, and to expand offerings at local clubs all over the country in a manner that supports the best interest and growth of the program.”

Allen Rosenbarger
Lexington, IN

Allen Rosenbarger has been involved in the tree dog world since 1993 when he started out with Black & Tan coonhounds. Since then he owned, hunted and showed numerous UKC Champions and Grand Champions as well as Nite Champion and Grand Nite Champion coonhounds. Recently, (2009-2010) Allen took a serious interest in the Mountain Feist squirrel dog breed. So much that he retired from the coonhound nite hunts and traded his pursuit of ring tails for bushy tails.

Being a long-time coonhound guy and accustomed to the very strict breed guidelines for those breed's, he realized there was a need for representation or a Breed Association for the Mountain Feist. So, in 2014 he founded what is now known as the Mountain Feist Association (MFA) where he currently serves as President of the association. Since then the MFA has already grown to a 300-plus member association. Along with help from the Board of Directors and association members they created the Mountain Feist breed standard while working with UKC to get the breed recognized as its own breed. They were successful in getting the breed recognized and those standards are now put to practice by UKC.

While his breed of choice is the Mountain Feist, Allen continues to be an advocate for the participation of all Feist breeds in UKC squirrel hunts.