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Important Rule Change Proposals Information
Posted on 05/15/2013 in Full Circle.

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The time has come again for the discussion of any rule proposals or changes for the UKC Hunting Beagle format. Any approved changes will take effect on January 1, 2014. This is where you, the hunter, can become involved if you’d like. To do that you would need to write up the change or proposal and submit it to a current UKC Hunting Beagle Field Representative or the National Hunting Beagle Association for consideration. Submitting it directly to UKC is not an option.
In order for a proposal to be considered it must be received (by the Field Rep or NHBA) no later than August 15. All Rule Change Proposals will be placed on a ballot and voted on at the World Championship on Thursday, September 26, 2013. Only those proposals on the official ballot will be voted on.

Those involved in voting on changes will be the UKC Field Representatives, two appointed officers or members of the National Hunting Beagle Association, and possibly two members from an outside Advisory Committee. UKC reserves the right to veto any proposal, or a change that was passed by the committee, deemed to be detrimental or not in the best interest of the sport.

Your proposal should include a written reasoning behind it, and why it should be considered, or why a change might be necessary. A proposal may be mailed to your choice of the following individuals. Do not send the same proposal to more than one of the following addresses. Address it to: Rules Proposal c/o (Field Rep name or NHBA):

• Dave Hummel, 19120 Township Rd 450, Coshocton OH 43812

• Curt Douglas, 14112 Old Richmond Rd, Keeling VA 24566

• Brian Moore, 1830 Van Buren Dr, Hamilton IA 50116

• Jeff Stacy, 733 Old Hwy 29, Thomasville NC 27360

• Donny Yant, Jr., 5722 East Z Ave, Vicksburg MI 49097

• Mike Ridenhour, 34000 Hwy 28 E, Belle MO 65013

• Terry Runyon, 453 Cooper St, West Salem IL 62476

• Joe Brown, 145 W Logan St, Markle IN 46770

• Jason Butcher, 604 South Park Rd, Charleston WV 25304

• National Hunting Beagle Association, 9885 Hwy 2, Hartville MO 65667

When to Call the Next Line After All Dogs Missed the Line

Q: A line is called and all dogs miss the line (none scored on it). At what point are these dogs once again eligible for speed and drive scoring? Is it at any next available spot where the rabbit can be marked or wait until they complete the next circle?

A: Let’s change the scenario just slightly by saying Dog A did score on this marked line but B, C and D did not. Unfortunately for three of them they will not have another opportunity until they bring the rabbit back around again, right?

The very same theory applies when all dogs miss a marked line. Although the rulebook does not specifically answer this question, UKC maintains that the next opportunity to score speed and drive is not available until the dogs complete another full circle.

Winners Pack. Required to Hunt or Not.

Q: There seems to be some discrepancies amongst club officials, under a few different circumstances, when it comes to dogs being required to hunt in a Winners Pack or not. The biggest one being when there are only two dogs eligible for a Registered Winners Pack, and one withdraws prior to the Winners Pack going out. The reason might be that the dog only needed a fourth place or better to finish and no need to take a win away from the other dog. Please address this topic.

A: For starters, dogs intentionally scratched or withdrawn by the handler, before or during, a Winners Pack will not receive Championship points, per Rule 13 (c). So any idea of withdrawing a dog to give another dog a better opportunity, let’s just say it, makes no sense. Kudos to those involved in implementing this rule to keep it from happening. I do remember back in the day when that did in fact happen quite frequently. It’s a rule that Event Officials need to be well aware of and not award placement to any such intentionally withdrawn dogs.

Just for the heck of it, let’s say two dogs are eligible for the Winners Pack but one is intentionally withdrawn for whatever reason. Even then the other eligible dog must run in the Winners Pack alone. And in order for the dog to be awarded a First Place it must complete the hunt (Winners Pack) without minusing out or scratching. Otherwise, it would place second.

So the one and only scenario where a dog is not required to run in the Winners Pack is only in the event where only one dog is eligible for the Winners Pack. That means the dog would have to have been the only plus point cast winner in a previous round.

Important Policy Regarding All-Star Series Points

In the event a dog is intentionally withdrawn or scratched before or during a Registered Winners Pack, including any subsequent round of an Elimination Style event, the dog will not receive any All-Star points for the initial cast winning round.