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Important Notice: Hunting Beagle Rulebook Changes (Effective April 10, 2014)
Posted on 04/15/2014 in Beagles.

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Split Track Rules Change

The following rules pertaining to split tracks are in effect and what every cast must go by. These split track rules are those used previous to 2014 and are taken from the 2013 Hunting Beagle Rulebook.


In case of split tracks, score first track (one time) and recover dog(s) so they may be turned in to dog(s) running split track. However, if rabbit on split track is seen while attempting to score the first track, it may be scored (one time) and then dog(s) must be turned in on the split track. Dog(s) turned in on split track must be re-struck in by handler on or before the third bark (see Rule 4(f) in 2014 Rulebook for dogs not struck in on third bark) and will receive next available position. If all positions are taken, dog(s) get 25 points.

Speed and Drive:

At time rabbit is seen, Judge or majority of cast if hunting Judge is used, must decide whether to allow dog(s) to continue on trail or pick up dog(s) in order to find new ground or another rabbit. (Exception on split track: must be unanimous decision when Hunting Judge is used.)

Speed and drive may be scored three (3) times only on the same rabbit. If loss occurs before completion of any additional circle, each dog declared struck to be scored 50 minus points in the losses/recoveries column. In case of split tracks, see rule (SPLIT TRACKS) above. Otherwise, no dog(s) to be called off a trail without those points being minused.

Losses and Recoveries:

At point where dogs lose trail and become quiet, Judge to start clock on dogs. After one minute has elapsed without any dog opening, all struck dogs to be considered at a loss (check) and minused 20 points. In case of split tracks, times to be kept separately for checks on each track.

Split Track References in 2014/2015 Rulebook Are Void

Any reference to split tracks in the 2014/2015 Hunting Beagle Rulebook is null and void. Those references are as follows.


h. If judge declares split track all dogs to be handled and any un-scored points are deleted. If working split tracks in same general area judge shall give dog’s a short period of time to reunite before declaring split track.


b. Speed and Drive: Upon completion of circle, in the event more than one rabbit is seen in close proximity of each other ahead of trailing dogs, a line shall be marked for each rabbit. If dogs split up and come through both marked lines, give all dogs the opportunity to score on Speed and Drive (after first dog has been scored on Speed and Drive, there is a one minute time limit to score remaining dogs on that line) then declare split track and call time out in accordance with Rule 7(h).

MASTER OF HOUNDS Checklist 2014 II.pdfMASTER OF HOUNDS Checklist 2014 II.pdf
Split Track Rule Change 2014.pdfSplit Track Rule Change 2014.pdf