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Hunting Beagle Rules Proposals
Posted on 09/23/2013 in Beagles.

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The following proposals will be discussed and voted on by those present at the 2013 Rules Committee Meeting. The committee is made up of UKC Field Representatives, two representatives from the National Hunting Beagle Association and two individuals representing an Advisory Committee. There were several other proposals that are not on the ballot but that pertained to a proposal already on the ballot. Those will be considered as an amendment where applicable. Any proposals related to UKC policy, that may have been received are not eligible for and cannot be included on the ballot.

It takes a majority vote to pass any proposal as written or amended. Next month’s Full Circle will feature complete results of each proposal. Any proposal that passes will not go in effect until January 1, 2014.

UKC Hunting Beagle Rules Proposals 2013

Proposal 1 - Veteran’s Casts:
Amend current Veteran’s Cast rule when it results in odd number of entries on either side.

Proposal 2 - Eliminate Rule 3 (c) and add the following to (a).
[In the event more than one rabbit is seen ahead of trailing dogs, lines to be established for each rabbit. Dogs to be scored on the line they come through on in accordance with Rule 3(d).]

Proposal 3 - Change rule for when strike points are plussed:
[Strike points shall be plussed for all dogs that are struck, or strike in, on a track after: 1) the rabbit is seen by a non-hunting judge or a majority of the cast when hunting judge is used (provided judge determines dog(s) is trailing the rabbit seen) or 2) after speed and drive points are awarded to a dog.]

Proposal 4 - Eliminate any portion of rules requiring dogs to trail rabbit for a complete circle before speed and drive may be awarded. Change rule to:
[A line may be called one minute after the first dog is declared struck. Subsequent lines may be called one minute after the first dog scored on the previous line.]

Proposal 5 - Eliminate the following portion in Rule 4(a):
[or when it is obvious to the majority of the cast members that a dog or dogs have recovered the track to a runable state.]

Proposal 6 - Change and add to Rule 4(d):
[If rabbit was seen by majority of the cast or a line was scored then no dogs to be minused when track is lost or ends. If rabbit was not seen by a majority of the cast or no line has been scored all struck dogs to receive 25 minus points.]

Proposal 7 - Add new rule to Rule 4 as follows:
[On first offense, after the first three minutes of the hunt the judge shall ask for a call on any dog that has opened three times that has not been declared struck. The dog must be declared struck by the handler on its next bark. Otherwise, the dog shall; 1) be minused the next available strike position and then 2) awarded that position by the judge. For second offense see Rule 6 (c).] (Change Rule 6 (c) to reflect consequence of second offense)

Proposal 8- Replace Rule 7(c) with:
[When judge instructs all dogs to be leashed simultaneously, call time out immediately.]

Proposal 9 - Change current hunt time rules: (based on result of time out proposal)
[Club will designate option of 60 or 90 minute hunt.]

Proposal 10 - Add following rule to Rule 9:
[Non-hunting judge must be assigned to any one-dog casts.]

Proposal 11 - Add following rule to Rule 9:
[If only one cast member remains, member must return to MOH/HD for a non-hunting judge to complete hunt. Deadline may be extended if necessary for the cast involved.]

Proposal 12 - Change section in Rule 13(c) to:
[Cast winning dog is not required to have of a total score of plus points in order to advance or place in the event.]

Proposal 13 - Add the following to last sentence in Rule 14 to only allow hunting in one hour intervals be at the clubs discretion.
[if still a tie; dogs will hunt in one hour interval until tie is broken (club’s discretion) or flip a coin, if all parties agree.

Proposal 14 - In General Information change section under Rule B stating: {Speed and drive may be scored three times only on the same rabbit} to:
[Speed and drive points shall be awarded until the track is lost or goes to a place of refuge.]

Proposal 15 - In General Information Rule C.
[Eliminate checks.]

Proposal 16 - In General Information Rule C. Add:
[If multiple dogs open simultaneously recovery points may be split for dogs involved.]

Proposal 17 - Eliminate any reference to split tracks and implement new rule section under General Information that includes:
Split Tracks:
If dogs split up and are trailing on separate tracks judge shall instruct pack to be reunited. Judge to determine which group to be handled and recast to opposite track. No further scoring to take place until all dogs are reunited as a pack. Dogs moved from one track to the other will retain their original strike positions and are not required to be re-struck.