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Hunt Test Updates
Posted on 10/11/2013 in HTX = Coondog.

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Although the heat of summer was officially upon us, several clubs gave Hunt Tests a try in August. We’ve heard from clubs in Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who have held their first Hunt Tests recently, and they are enjoying them. There are, very likely, other clubs that are also holding their first that haven’t contacted us through email or phone calls.
Each of the clubs we’ve heard from has had good numbers at their first Hunt Test. More than numbers, they each speak of the camaraderie and fellowship that the Hunt Tests foster in their club. New members have been added to each of the clubs who have started holding Hunt Tests, and new friendships have been forged.

In the next month, the weather should be cooling down and hunters will be stirring, ready for another successful season. Now would be a great time for your club to try a Hunt Test when everyone is gearing up to hunt hard. Maybe you will attract some participants you don’t currently draw at your events.

If you would like to see your dog or club in print, make sure you send in those testimonials. You can send them in via mail, email or fax and we’ll get them in this article.

Hunt Test-Imonial
This Hunt Test-Imonial was sent by Ed Esposti, Jr., of the Clearfield County CHA in Mahaffney, Pennsylvania. This club is not only new to Hunt Tests, but is also scheduled to hold their first UKC Licensed Nite Hunt shortly. I’ll let you read in Ed’s own words how important they think the Hunt Test program is to their club.

I just wanted to let you know that Clearfield County Coonhunters Association, located in Ma-haffey, Pennsylvania, held our first HTX on August 12. We had six dogs entered, with three of those earning passes. One of the dogs that passed was 10˝-year-old ‘PR’ Dicksons Beech River Polly.

We have more Hunt Tests scheduled and are super excited about holding these events. What makes them extra appealing is the fact you can take a young boy with an old dog, and they are on the same level playing field as everyone else. I personally feel the HTX events are a great way to introduce new youth to our great sport of coon hunting and to UKC events. Thank you, and keep up the great work.

‘PR’ Dicksons Beech River Polly, ENG, owned by Edward J. Esposti, Jr., or Mike Esposti, was handled by eight-year-old Jacob Esposti.