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Posted on 03/14/2014 in HTX = Coondog.

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Paul Frederick

“In early February an interesting question came to our department. One HTX participant wrote: “I was wondering if the UKC has contemplated strongly urging clubs to host Hunt Tests. I have begged my local club, but the officers seem resistant. They have finally agreed but have stated that I will be the person in charge of all Hunt Tests if I want them so bad. What else can be done to encourage clubs to host Hunt Tests?”

FF from MI

The UKC does not strongly urge clubs to do anything that will not be both pleasurable and profitable for their local club. While it might seem tempting to do so in some circumstances, we have to let clubs govern themselves.

What we do is provide many different types of licensed events so clubs have the freedom to choose which to hold to best suit their customer base. In some parts of the country, for instance, UKC Licensed Water Races and Field Trials are the main attraction on any given Saturday of good weather. In other locales, these events are largely unheard of. It’s all about a club being able to have fun, and make enough money to keep the club open.

Let’s not forget we are in this to have fun and fellowship with other hunters. If that element is taken out for whatever reason, then we’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. Clubs also have to be mindful of paying bills and keeping the doors open.

I think this letter brings up a more serious issue than many of us want to deal with. Notice the club officers finally agreed, but asked this the person who brought up the proposal to head up any Hunt Tests. To be honest, I think this is a great idea. Someone with a passion to have the Hunt Tests badly enough to beg the officers to hold them should be perfect to make sure the event is successful.

The more serious issue is this that most club officers are over-worked. Trust me. In my home club a new president is elected every few years. Guys are lucky if their wives will even let them attend meetings after being an officer for a few years! We are lucky in that the workload of the club was spread out a little more than some clubs but ultimately 90 percent of the work is done by about 5 percent of the people in any given club.

If you want your club to host Hunt Tests and they seem hesitant, sit down and count how many dates your local club has. Include any and all licensed events, club hunts, dinners, youth days, clean-up days, etc. Now imagine if you had to be there for each and every one of those dates. It takes a major strain on a person and on their family to be an officer at a coon club.

Perhaps if you offer to be the Hunt Test Director, it will make them more open to the idea of hosting Hunt Tests. I know any club likes someone that is willing to put in some hard work on the club’s behalf. It will also give you a better understanding of what the club officer’s duties and responsibilities are and possibly prepare you to take an even greater leadership role.

As always, if you have any questions about the Hunt Test program, feel free to give our office a call. We are always happy to answer any and all questions and help your club in any way we can.

Happy Hunt Testing!