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Hunt Test-Imonials
Posted on 07/17/2012 in HTX = Coondog.

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I decided to take in one of the HTX hunts and see how I liked it. We had three races and made three trees. My dog stayed treed, but we couldn’t see eyes in the first two leafy trees, and the last “hot” race ended in a den tree. So, no pass. But it was a relaxed atmosphere and very enjoyable. I had Justin Friend as an inspector. He observed my hound and we talked about hunting along the way.
Some say they don’t need an HTX title to prove their dog can tree a coon. That may be so but at an HTX hunt, you better have a hound that will go hunting alone and tree and stay treed. And have a coon! I believe with the HTX hunt test you get a more honest look at a hound than at a nite hunt. The “best dog” doesn’t always win at a nite hunt due to just bad luck or handler error. Anyway, I really enjoyed the hunt test and look forward to the next one close by.
Lowell Stewart, West Plains, Missouri

I have only participated in one HTX event, but my club in Southampton, Virginia just started having them this month. At first glance, I was skeptical of the hunt test, but after participating in one I see it is harder then it appears.

For my first hunt test, I entered Bunch’s Maroon Effect Autumn, who at the time was an 11-month-old Redbone pup. I was both proud and excited when she passed her first and only hunt test. It was a greast step and proved that months of training and a lot of dedication pay off.

The hunt test also helped show me where she needs improvement, which I feel is valuable information that can aid in her continued training process. All in all, I feel it is a great program for young hounds and handlers or for folks who just want to prove their dog can tree a coon by itself consistently.
It is a great way for a smaller club to grow and have increased participation. Autumn and I will continue participating in the hunt tests. She only has to pass two more times to get her first HTX title. Great program. Keep up the good work, UKC.
Brent Bunch, Suffolk, Virginia

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