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Hunt Test-Imonial
Posted on 06/05/2013 in HTX = Coondog.

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Coon dogs are coon dogs. Mommy coon dogs and Daddy coon dogs produce baby coon dogs. That’s how it works. It’s that simple. But is it really?

Practically everyone who will ever read this will have some difference of opinion as to what makes a coon dog. Even greater will the opinion gap be when we talk about what makes a great coon dog. Maybe your great coon dog will bust in the dark and get treed three miles away with a coon in less than two minutes. Another hunter may prefer a dog that goes hunting well, but “hunts out” a patch of woods instead of running in a straight line. Still another hunter may want a dog that hunts a little closer to them. Which one of these types of coon dogs is better? It depends on who is going to be feeding and hunting them as to which of these is the better coon dog.

The same exact types of differences can be gone into on several factors of a coon dog. Owners and handlers may disagree on the way a dog runs a track, how the dog trees, what kind of mouth they have, what color they are, and on and on. Practically everything about a coon dog can be debated until the end of eternity with people on opposite sides of the various subjects.

With all of the various points we could argue about coon dogs, there is one thing about every single one of them that is universal: they are our coon dogs, and we love them for it. Whatever a particular coon dog’s strong or weak points, the owner is proud of his hounds and is happy to feed them every day.

This is probably the most unique and greatest thing about the UKC Hunt Tests. They are not geared for just one type of coon dog or coon hunter, but are suited for whatever type of dog you prefer.

Inspectors should also keep this very simple fact in mind. As an Inspector, your job is not to evaluate how a coon dog does its job, but simply that it does its job. Inspectors are not in a position to pass or fail the dog based on their personal preferences about coon dogs. A dog must be judged solely on the guidelines listed in the Hunt Test Rules listed on our website. Nothing more or less will do.

What type of coon dog is best? That’s for you to decide. Many hunters have their type of dog controlled by the area they hunt in. If you live in close proximity to urban areas, where more housing is located, maybe you want a dog that sticks a little closer. If you’re in an area of extremely thin coon population, a harder-going type dog will be needed to get a coon treed.

Just keep in mind that your opinion may not be the same in a few years as it is today. Many older hunters have found that the harder hunting type dogs aren’t as feasible when their mobility is limited. Perhaps even you’ll get that one real special coon dog who has the mouth you can’t stand that will make you change your mind about what they should sound like.

Whatever you have on your checklist of what a coon dog should or shouldn’t be, Hunt Tests are designed for you and your dog. They are the place to prove your coon dog can do what it was bred and trained to do, no matter the style of how it’s doing it.

Hunt Test-Imonial
The Redbone in the photo, ‘PR’ Harper’s Red Fireball HTX, owned by Fel-ton Harper of Amb-rose, Georgia, is training the English dog, ‘PR’ GA’s Red Solo Cup, owned by Terry Bryan of Wray, Georgia for the up-coming HTX hunts.

Felton Harper is 10 years old and he knows how to call a dog and all the rules. The HTX hunts are good for children. We would rather them be in the woods, being supported by the Coffee County CHA, than on the streets.
Ms. Brandy Burke
Broxton, Georgia

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