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He Who Traineth Well, Scoreth High
Posted on 03/09/2011 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

What does it take to make a World Champion? Nothing sums it up better than a short story written many years ago by a Champion bird dog trainer named Joe Glascock. This piece made such a profound impression on me that I have saved it and refer to it often. With the UKC World Championship right around the corner it seems fitting to include it here.

He Who Traineth Well, Scoreth High

Behold there came through the gate of the city a dog trainer from afar. It came to pass as the days went by, he trained his dog plenty. And in that city there were the laggards and complainers, they who spent their days adding to their alibi sheets.

Mightily were they astonished at the performance of the stranger’s dog. They said to one another, “What the heck! How do he doeth it? He must have an easy dog to train.”

And it came to pass that many were gathered at the side of the ring and a soothsayer came among them. And he was one wise guy. And they questioned him saying, “How is it that this stranger has such a well trained dog?”

Whereupon the soothsayer made answer. “He of whom you speak is one great hustler,” he answered. “He rises very early and goeth forth full of pep to train his dog. He complaineth not. Neither doth he despair. While you lie in bed and say, “Verily this is a terrible day to train a dog,” he is already afield. When the eleventh hour cometh, he needed no alibis. He taketh with him two angels, persistence and perspiration, and works like heck. Verily I say unto you, go and do likewise.”

I love World Championship events. It matters not whether you are attending an 800-dog Coonhound World Championship, a 200-dog Beagle World Championship, or a 50-dog Squirrel Dog World Championship, the pressure and excitement is still the same. These are dogs that have earned the right to be there competing. They are led by owners not only dedicated to their individual dogs but also to the sport. And for as serious of a title as they are trying to place on their dog, they don’t lose sight of the big picture and happily congratulate the lucky man and dog that eventually capture the honor.

Make no mistake, luck does play a factor. I think anyone who has participated at this level would agree to that. But luck becomes less of a factor for those who have studied the rules and put lots of boot leather into getting their dog ready. We are proud of the UKC Squirrel Dog World Championship and do our best to bring you the type of quality event that you have come to expect from United Kennel Club. Within a week or so of you reading this, we will be crowning a new UKC World Champion. We look forward to making this event the World Championship for Cur and Feist dog enthusiasts, but we cannot do that without your support. We hope to see many of you in attendance.

Again this year you will see coverage of the UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship that is unrivaled in competitive squirrel dog events. Stay tuned to this fine publication and also to the UKC website at