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Focusing on the Pleasure of Hunting Tree Dogs by Recognizing Confidence & Ability
Posted on 10/11/2012 in HTX = Coondog.

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Swapping Drops On Your Hunt Test
I thought I would take this opportunity to pass along a good suggestion I learned while talking to UKC Field Rep David Gardin about the HTX events while attending Autumn Oaks. David said it has become popular at his club’s hunt test to alternate drops between the two or three dogs that are out with the same group being inspected. I think it’s a great idea.
I remember when I inspected three dogs in one night back when we were still running some practice hunt tests. To do that requires more than three hours time by the time you factor in driving time from spot to spot. Even more time is required if you are hunting spots that are not big enough to get your whole one-hour hunt done. I remember thinking back then that it could be pretty important as to which time slot you happen to be hunting in, and what effect it might have on coon movement, hunting conditions, etc. I guess I was under the assumption that one dog would hunt his full hour out before moving on to the next dog.
The folks in North Carolina have solved that problem by alternating dogs and drops on a hunt test. It is perfectly acceptable to do so as long as the inspector is keeping an accurate count on the minutes of hunting time used for each dog. It certainly takes conditions out of the equation. If you think about it, it probably gives the hunt more of a pleasure hunting feel as we take turns hunting dogs on each drop. I really like the idea. Something for you to think about and pass along to your club members.

Hunt Test–Imonial
“I really like the HTX hunting format! I believe anybody who gives them a fair chance would agree. I have never competition hunted before and entered “Ole Blue” more or less to support our local club that we just recently started. I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the HTX hunts and being able to use a tracking collar during the hunt. With widespread private lands and roads, the tracking collar puts my mind somewhat at ease about not losing my ‘Best Friend’ and not making a land owner upset!
“I feel that an hour is plenty of time (provided the coons are walking) to make a fair assessment of your hound. I hunted in a hardwood bottom swamp close to a river. Both times Blue treed, we were no more than 75 yards off the road. My guide did an excellent job of putting me in some good hunting ground with easy access and walking! This was our club’s first UKC event. We had six dogs show up and several spectators. We have plans to start holding two HTX events a month! Thanks, UKC, for coming up with an event that is family orientated, fair to all involved, appeals to pleasure hunters, competition hunters, and most importantly our youth! There’s no greater joy than to hunt with your beloved hound, and the HTX gives hunters the satisfaction of earning a title and bragging rights!”
Andy Clark, Mississippi
Upcoming Hunt Tests
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October 20, Leiters Ford, IN, Fulton Co Coon Hunters, Gary Layer, 574-910-0182
October 20, November 17, Salem, IN, Washington County Coonhunters, Mark Lykins, 812-896-2073
October 19, Ottosen, IA, Gotch Valley Coon Hunters, Kyle Hough, 712-260-9216
October 6, Altoona, KS, Twin RIvers Coon Hunters Assn., Marcus Leck, 620-485-4564
October 18, October 19, October 20, Garnett, KS, Western Plott Hunters Assn., Jesse Howell, 816-703-9244
October 1, November 11, Mt Washington, KY, Bullitt County CHC, Butch Glass, 502-922-4274
October 2, November 6, Elizabethtown, KY, North Central Kentucky CHC, Butch Glass, 502-922-4274
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October 27, Eckhart Mines, MD, Tri State Coonhunters, Steve or Lavena Jenkins, 814-784-9953
October 5, Long Prairie, MN, Central Minnesota Hound Club, Bob Hennessey, 218-756-2385
October 9, Forest, MS, Scott County Coonhunters Assn., Scott McMillan, 601-900-9110
October 13, October 27, November 10, November 24, Kinder, MO, Southeast Missouri CHA, Larry Elliott, 573-475-9681

New York
October 5, October 15, November 9, Medina, NY, Orleans County Houndsmen & Conservation Club, Ernest R. Stephens, Jr., 585-303-1001 ,
October 12, Sinclairville, NY, Southern Tier CHA, Dwayne Emke, 716-965-2021
October 17, Warsaw, NY, Wyoming County Houndsmen and Conservation Club, Kevin Stringham, 585-591-2150
North Carolina
October 1, Albemarle, NC, Big Oak Coon Club, David Gardin, 704-986-0988
October 1, October 22, November 5, Vale, NC, N.C. Tri-County Coon Club, Stephen Creason, 704-400-9529
October 2, November 6, Delco, NC, Columbus County Coonhunters Assn., Shannon Buffkin, 910- 409-3122
October 12, November 9, Lincolnton, NC, Lincoln County Coon Club, Mike Warlick, 704-477-8377
October 31, Statesville, NC, Iredell County Coon Club, Ken Church, 704-500-9402
October 6, Guernsey, OH, Valley View Coon Club, Danny Gatrell, 740-260-6260
October 6, October 20, Willard, OH, Huron Valley Coon Hunters Assn., Ralph Kennard, 419-935-0808
October 13, November 2, Greenwich, OH, Rural Coonhunters, Inc., Robert Biller, 419-618-1525
October 20, Jackson, OH, Jackson Co. Coon Club, Dale Henry, 740-395-4009
October 23, November 1, November 15, Jefferson, OH, Ashtabula County Coonhunters Assn., Tony Smith, 440-858-3157
October 19, Chickasha, OK, Grady County CHA, Rodger Crawford, 580-641-2243
October 5, 12, Meadville, PA, Crawford County Coonhunters, Jerry Holes, 814-462-7478
October 19, October 26, November 11, McClure, PA, Union County Coonhunters, Bill Lash, 717-543-5896
South Carolina
October 12, Pickens, SC, Pickens CHA, Chad Howard, 864-376-9436
October 6, Jefferson, TX, Lake O the Pines Coon Hunters Assn., Karen Crossley, 903-918-6612
October 2, October 4, October 16, October 18, Gate City, VA, Clinch Mountain Coonhunters Club, Wayne Davidson, 276-386-6882
October 10, October 13, October 27, Mineral, VA, Louisa County Coonhunters Assn., Ashby Nuckols, 540-894-4045
West Virginia
October 5, November 4, Inwood, WV, Tri State Houndsman Assn., Steven Cain, 304-283-1408
October 26, November 16, Keslers Cross Lanes, WV, Mid- State CHA, Kathy Bays, 304-872-9297