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Focusing on the Pleasure of Hunting Tree Dogs by Recognizing Confidence and Ability
Posted on 03/19/2013 in HTX = Coondog.

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A Den Tree is a Fault?
Q: At our local club, inspectors have been scoring any tree that does not have a coon on the outside as a fault. This includes trees that obviously have places of refuge (i.e. dens). Is this right? Is a den tree now considered a fault?

A: This is a question that I honestly thought would never come up. The thought that a den tree could somehow possibly be considered a fault never even crossed our minds.

I think you already have an idea what my answer will be, but here it goes: a den tree is not considered a fault. Some may argue that a den tree does not meet Requirement D (coon seen) to receive a pass and therefore is a fault. The truth is, a den tree does not meet Requirement D, but it is not a fault. In fact a den tree can be used to meet all other requirements (Went Hunting, Opened on Track, Treed and Stayed Treed) just not Requirement D.

Let’s look at it this way: a fault is something the hound does wrong. There are six faults outlined in the Hunt Test rules on our website (http://www.ukcdogs.com/Web.nsf/ WebPages/Coonhounds/HuntTests). How would you consider a den tree as a dog doing something wrong? What could Old Blue have done to keep the coon from crawling in a den? You might say he could have run him faster, but that’s not a sure bet either. I’ve seen plenty of hot tracks end in a den tree during the rut. Just because a dog can track faster than another does not guarantee the coon will or will not be in a den tree when he decides to go up.

As mentioned before, though a den is not a fault, it does not meet Requirement D in the Hunt Test rules. If your dog is treed on what the inspector calls a den, you should recast him or her (if you have enough time left) to hopefully tree a coon on the outside. If a den tree is the only tree you make in the hour, your dog will not get a pass. This is not because it committed a fault, but rather the dog did not fulfill all the requirements needed for a pass.

Q: At a recent hunt test, my dog treed what I thought was a den. My inspector disagreed and said it was slick. Is there any way for me to appeal the inspector’s decision?

A: Hopefully each club strives to the best possible inspectors. We hope these are the best of the best that have integrity and a personal knowledge of how a coon hound should and shouldn’t operate.

Whenever you take two people out to evaluate a dog, you are going to get some differences of opinion. What I may consider a hard tree dog may be more medium than what you would prefer. The same goes with how fast they run a track, how loud they are, what shade/color they are, how good their feet and legs look, how much they open on track, how well they can swim, how they load, how they ride, how they handle, how long their ears are, what color the roof of their mouth should be, etc. I know I’m being a little silly, but I think you can see my point. Hardly any two people agree on what the finer points of being a great coon dog are. Hopefully, where an inspector is concerned, they are not using personal preferences but rather general guidelines that are spelled out in the Hunt Test Rules.

Thankfully these types of questions do not come up very often. I think, in general, most handlers agree with the inspector’s assessment of their hound and know when and if they have committed a fault of some kind. When it comes to a situation like this, we are going to stand by the inspector’s decision. There may be a difference of opinion, but ultimately it is the inspector’s responsibility to see the dog was tested appropriately.

We ask all inspectors and handlers to use common sense and common courtesy when it comes to disagreements on the Hunt Tests.

Hunt Test-Imonial

This is my five-year-old male Plott Hound, CH ‘PR’ Reddies River Tow Mater HTX. He got his three Hunt Test passes out of five Hunt Tests this past summer. These were the first times I had entered a dog in the Hunt Tests.

I think, as a high school student, the Hunt Tests are a great way to draw more youth to UKC events. They are fun and it shows people that your dog has the ability to tree a real live raccoon. It also allows people who generally pleasure hunt to enter their dog in an event.

Some people do not know the rules of competition hunts, and this would give them a better understanding. I believe more people should participate and get involved in the Hunt Tests. I would highly recommend Hunt Tests to other people who want to have a good time and put a title on their dog!

Jacob Nester

Hays, North Carolina

Want To See Your HTX Dog Featured In CB?

Send a photo of your dog and a short testimonial of what you think about the UKC Hunt Test Program to United Kennel Club, Inc., Attn: Paul Frederick, 100 E Kilgore Rd, Kalamazoo MI 49002-5584 or e-mail to pfrederick@ukcdogs.com.

The following dogs earned HTX titles from October 1 through December 31, 2012

• NITE CH ‘PR’ Poole’s Tar Heel Jed HTX, TW, owned by Joe D. Poole

• ‘PR’ Gardins Carolina Trackman HTX, TW, owned by Harold L. Gardin

• CH ‘PR’ Possum Creeks Stylish Patches HTX, TW, owned by Mark A. Barbour

• NITE CH CH ‘PR’ Hammering Heat HTX, TW, owned by Bill Cusano

• CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Kwandrans Buck Creek Cindy HTX, TW, owned by Bob Kwandrans, Sr.

• ‘PR’ Hemlock Lane Wild Rye HTX, TW, owned by Alex & Anne Barbour

• GR CH ‘PR’ Gatrell Wipeout Stylish Allie HTX, TW, owned by Danny L. Gatrell

• ‘PR’ Little Man Zues HTX, B&T, owned by Stacey McMillan

• GR CH ‘PR’ Rob’s Code Red Sharpshooter HTX, RED, owned by Robert L. Jenkins

• ‘PR’ Emke’s Prime Time Cheif HTX2, PLT, owned by Dwayne R. Emke

• ‘PR’ Shermans Rebel HTX, TW, owned by Jeffrey S. Sherman

• CH ‘PR’ Moonlit Lacy HTX, TW, owned by Jerry Holes

• CH ‘PR’ Red Rolling Thunder Jr. HTX, RED, owned by Jeff Malone

• Stinnett’s Treeing Lexie HTX, TREEING FEIST, owned by Jim Stinnett

• NITE CH ‘PR’ Hoosier Country J Dog HTX, TW, owned by Byron L. Fites

• NITE CH ‘PR’ Bowers After Dark Mikey HTX, TW, owned by Sean Bowers

• GR NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Lash’s Keystone Red Fancy HTX, RED, owned by Bill Lash

• NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Rauch’s Buckwheat-RR HTX, B&T, owned by Ronald Rauch

• NITE CH CH ‘PR’ Shanghai Tough Times Rowdy HTX, TW, owned by Brian Canoles

• CH NITE CH ‘PR’ Blue Midnight Hardware HTX, BLU, owned by Chris Briner

• CH ‘PR’ Clark’s Blue Sweamp Preacher HTX, BLU, owned by Andy or Kellen Clark

• ‘PR’ Kwandrans Wild Candy HTX, TW, owned by Bob Kwandrans, Sr.

• GR CH ‘PR’ Wilhelm’s Hardtime Muddy HTX, ENG, owned by Whitney & Ladonna Azlin

• GR NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Nolan Creek Prides Maverick HTX, BLU, owned by Christopher Gray

• GR NITE CH GR CH By Faith Coat Of Many Colors HTX, ALH, owned by Eric W. Fussell

• NITE CH CH Riley’s Flathead Valley Bolt HTX, ALH, owned by John Karlak

• NITE CH ‘PR’ Jon Dilinger HTX, B&T, owned by Brian Sullivan

• GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Brewers Super Flo HTX, B&T, owned by Chad Brewer or Brian Carter

• CH NITE CH ‘PR’ Waidmasters Mr. Freightrain HTX, TW, owned by Terry Waid

• GR CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Whitakers Black Smokey III HTX, B&T, owned by Jeff or Reece Wood

• NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Star Tek Snookie HTX, ENG, owned by Bob Wise

• ‘PR’ Old Time Grit KY CW Tsunami HTX, RED, owned by Deon Collins

• ‘PR’ Sam I Am Blue HTX, BLU, owned by Andy Rowell

Upcoming Hunt Tests

• Alabama

March 4, March 18, Lincoln, AL, Rocky Hollow CHC, Michael Ford, 256-343-4341

March 12, April 9, Heflin, AL, Cheaha CHA, Greg Huey, 256-453-0056

• Georgia

March 2, March 8, March 22, March 23, April 12, April 18, April 25, April 26, Wray, GA, Coffee County CHA, Chris Gray or Terry Bryan, 912-850-7245

March 23, Blue Ridge, GA, Toccoa River CHA, Michael Head, 706-455-8496

• Illinois

March 7, Marshall, IL, Marshall Coonhunters Club, Jeff Murphy, 217-251-8096

April 1, Casey, IL, North Fork Coon Hunters Club, Tracy Vernon, 217-232-7308

• Indiana

March 8, Greencastle, IN, Deer Creek Coonhunters, Jared Hutcheson, 765-720-7707

March 13, March 26, Dupont, IN, Clifty Creek Coonhunters Club, Travis Maschino, 812-592-8943

• Kentucky

March 11, March 25, April 8, April 22, Cecilia, KY, Cherry Tree Coon Club, Bobby Green, 270-723-0523

• Maryland

March 23, March 27, Darlington, MD, Raccoon Club of Maryland, Mark Michael, 717-471-4613

• Missouri

March 8, March 29, April 12, April 26, Rocky Comfort, MO, McDonald County Coonhunters Assn., Larry Carlin, 417-628-3534

March 9, Caulfield, MO, County Line Coonhunters Assn., Justin Friend, 417-293-8768

• New York

March 29, Sinclairville, NY, Southern Tier CHA, Dwayne Emke, 716-965-2021

April 5, Sinclairville, NY, Southern Tier CHA, Dwayne Emke, 716-965-2021

• North Carolina

March 4, April 1, Albermarle, NC, Big Oak Coon Club, David Gardin, 704 985 0988

April 11, Pilot Mountain, NC, Sauratown Coonhunters Club Inc., Tommy Reeves, 336-409-1567

• Ohio

March 7, March 14, March 21, Willard, OH, Huron Valley Coon Hunters Assn., Ralph Kennard, 419-935-0808

March 9, Middlefield, OH, Geauga County Coon Hunters, Bill Chandler, 330-717-6033

• Oklahoma

March 1, Chickasha, OK, Grady County CHA, Rodger Crawford, 580-641-2243

April 11, Stillwater, OK, Chisholm Trail CHA, John Thornton, 405-377-3797

• Pennsylvania

March 11, Mineral Point, PA, Cambria Houndsmen and Beagler Assn., Tom Murphy, 724-467-2664

• Tennessee

March 8, March 22, Springfield, TN, Robertson County Coonhunters Assn., Terry Johnson, 615-426-3556

March 12, April 9, Dyersburg, TN, Dyer County Coon Club, Jack Helton, 731-676-8360

April 20, April 27, Erin, TN, Houston County Coon Hunter’s Assn., Justin Ray, 931-206-0309, Randy Hollis, 931-289-6110

• Texas

March 8, March 26, Davilla, TX, Central Texas Coonhunters Assn., Jerry West, 254-541-5044

• Virginia

March 2, March 14, March 23, Mechanicsville, VA, Twin Rivers CHA, Mathew Atkinson, 804-814-1709

March 5, March 7, Gate City, VA, Clinch Mountain Coon Club, Thomas Fields, 276-386-6040

• West Virginia

April 26, Keslers Cross Lanes, WV, Mid State CHA, Kathy Bays, 304-872-9297